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NRS-425 Community Teaching Project – Part 1
NRS-425 Community Teaching Project – Part 1
Please use this template to complete the assignment.

Name (GCU Student)


Name of Nonprofit Organization


Address of Nonprofit Organization


Full Name of Contact Person and Job Title


Contact Person’s Email and Phone Number


Community and Target Aggregate
·         Describe the population demographic being served by this organization.


Social Determinants of Health (SDOHs):
·         Identify actual and potential SDOHs that impact the demographic served by the nonprofit organization.
·         Use the following data sources or similar ones to find relevant data and identify SDOHs: 2023 County Health Rankings National Findings Report, CDC Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, and United States Census Bureau QuickFacts.


·         Describe the education topic that will be relevant to provide to your identified nonprofit’s community members.


Rationale of Topic:
·         Explain the reason for your choice of education topic based on your research.


Healthy People 2030 (HP2030) Objectives and Measures:
·         Discuss whether this topic was listed in the HP2030 Objectives and Measures.
·         Explain which information on this website may be relevant to assist you with your presentation.


Cite a minimum of two sources in APA format to complete this assignment. Sources must be:
·         Published within the past five years.
·         Appropriate for the assignment criteria.
·         Relevant to nursing practice.



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