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Identify, analyze, and evaluate quantitative and qualitative healthcare data and information for effective decision making in various healthcare settings 

  • Explain data to a healthcare audience in a clear, concise, and persuasive manner, consistent with best practices in the field of healthcare management to inform or advocate change.
  • Assess the ethical challenges in designing a research study in the use of human subjects to ensure compliance with national and local standards.

The main idea of the assignment is to evaluate students' analytical skills.  Students will need to use the same EXCEL Add-Ins we have used throughout this class. 

Please note, that the questions and the analysis for the assignment are like those we have worked with in our exercises throughout this class. The data file for the this, however, is different from any of the data files we have used in this class (even though it may look familiar), and you should expect different results from what we found in our class practice exercises.




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