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How to Cite Apa From a Website
APA Citation or referencing is quoting or paraphrasing somebody’s work in your own words to bring out an intended meaning within a context. Citation is a part of writing needed to authenticate your academic work to make it fit for the intended purpose. Citation or referencing gives your paper a backup for your sentiments.  It gives the reader access to the sources and the intern validates your paperwork by proving that the work is not of the author’s original idea. How to Cite Apa From a Website:
What is APA’s style of reference citation?
American Psychological Association (APA) is the most preferred style for citation in social sciences and in academic paper writing.  This style applies the author and the date format where both the author’s name and publication year are in the main text.  Citations can be sourced from books, websites, journal articles, magazines, newspaper articles, micro visual media, and electronic media.
There have been several revisions to accommodate the dynamic writing arena. The latest is the Apa 2019 the 7th edition which has an updated full guide has been. Let us discuss how to cite APA from a website
How to cite a website in APA
To cite from a website thorough research has to be carried out. After settling on credible websites and online articles that you would prefer citing from it is prudent to read further. Online citation tools can be used to help you cite from different websites and use them as your source.
The website citations should contain the author’s Last Name and first initials. (Year, Month, and Date the article was Published). Title of the web page. The Name of the Website then always indicates the URL of the webpage.
Note that in the cases where the online source document doesn’t follow the structure or have the necessary parts, they can only be used if they don’t belong to other source categories.
An example of APA format from a website citation
Austerlitz, S. (2015, March 3). How long can a spinoff like ‘Better Call Saul last? FiveThirtyEight. 
The below list is the basic checklist for a webpage citation from a website.

The author’s name and the other authors if more than one. The surname is to be followed by first initials.
The year, the month, and the day must be written in brackets. The exact dates are to be indicated if available.
The title of the writing must be in italics.
The website name is to follow
URL must be mentioned to authenticate the website.

 The first line of each citation is left adjusted. Every subsequent line is indented 5-7 spaces.
For example Johnson, A. (2018, May 24). “It doesn’t need to be this way”: The promise of specialized early intervention in psychosis services. IEPA. https://iepa.org.au/network-news/it-doesnt-need-to-be-this-way-the-promise-of-specialised-early-intervention-in-psychosis-services/
However, when it comes to adding text to social media posts you must ensure to keep the original capitalization of any spellings, hashtags, and emoji’s where applicable. The links should not be left out too.
Citing a website in APA in the 7th edition
APA 7th edition is the latest guide in citation and referencing including the electronic guide. In the 7th edition, there are possibilities of electronically citing short and long URLs in-text.
                You can reference from a page within the website or from the entire website. When referencing from a page within a website, follow this format the below format:
The format to be followed is the name of the author, the date of publication, and the title of the web page. The publisher of the site or sponsors can be mentioned if any is provided and finally the URL. The dates must be indicated as provided on the website for credibility. 
the cases where the author and the publisher are one, the publisher is omitted from the reference to avoid repetition. This format is often used in downloaded documents in pdf. 
When citing from an entire website, the structure remains the same with the name of the author, the date published, and the URL but in this case, you will indicate the URL of the home page of the website. This is to authenticate the website and uphold your source document.
Citing a government website APA using edition
This is an example of how to cite a government website APA 7th edition Queensland Health. (2016, July 26). Food safety fact sheet 51: Food allergies. Queensland Government.
Queensland Health. (2019, April 4). Influenza (The flu). Queensland Government. 
General guidelines on how to cite a government website

When we talk of a government website that has no specific authors, use the agency mentioned on the post for the citation for accountability.
These agencies’ names will not appear as the author’s names but will appear as the source. For example, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health). This is enough reference for the reader or your instructor.
Be to provide the specific date, month, and year the agency published the article on the webpage.
Do not use the article review date as this might interfere with sourcing requirements.
The title of the webpage must be in italics
At the end of the reference remember to add the URL

Organizations and government institutions’ website citations might have an author or might not. In the event, there is no specific author the publishing agency can be cited with the date of first publication.
Citation of APA from a website in text
An in-text can e created in a citation anytime you quote or paraphrase someone’s work or words and put them in your own.
In text format in APA is where the citations are included in your research paper. The name of the author, the page, and the year of publication are included in a context. This gives your readers an explanation of your source documents. These brief text citation point the author to a comprehensive list of references.
This method is advantageous to the readers because it allows the reader to interact with the sources at previews within the context of an in-text. In a webpage or an online article citation, the last mane of the author and the year of publication in bracket is indicated. For example, (Hepburn, Omolon, 2010).
Note that authors could not necessarily be a people but could also be an organization. For example (American Psychological Association. 2015). In online pdf articles, for direct referencing, you could include the page number: (Omolloh, 2005, p. 14). For sources such as websites and e-books that do not have page numbers, you could cite a paragraph number.
For instances where the author is not known, you can use the title and the date in the in-text for citation. The title should be shortened in the case of longer titles. Where there are no dates you could use the name and n.d to indicate (no dates). The citation must always redirect the reader to the relevant source elements. Below are general guidelines for in-text citations;

The name of the authors in the bracket
The author’s name is part of the  narrative
Groups or organizations are reared as authors
Multiple writings are separated by a semi-colon
The direct quote should include the page number

Electronic sourcing in APA citation
Electronic citation in APA is an automated way of retrieving or sourcing references virtually.
Electronic e-resources are: e-mail, E-Maps, e-journals, databases, E-books, E-journals, Databases, E-photos CDs/DVDs, E-conference minutes, E- Reports, E-Manuscripts, E-Theses, E-Newspaper, Websites, Newsrooms, and FAQs
To cite the electronic sources in the text, below are the guidelines for print sources

Ensure spaces between the initials.
The volume numbers of the periodic articles should be italicized
The issue number should be in the brackets and goes
In-text citation, the name of the and year of publication must appear in alphabetical order
When citing direct quotes from the author, the year and the quoted page must appear

The rules may not apply if the online sources have no page numbering. In such cases, paragraph numbers are used or any identical features.
Important Note: Most electronic citations require bracketing as it is required in the APA style. The style dictates that the bracket should strictly surround the reference. The name of the author, the year of publication, and the page number should all be in the bracket.
Here are the general guidelines
The general guidelines are:

All the author’s names should be arranged alphabetically
Citations with the same surname are to be listed alphabetically using the second and the third name.
In cases where the title is not italicized in the reference list, double quotation marks can be used or the title capitalized.
When using capitals for the title all the words should be capitalized in accentuated format.
The proper nouns including the names of the author initials D. Hepburn.
For direct quotations, a paragraph, a section number, a table number, or a chapter number can be used as a source reference.
When the title of the work is italicized in the referencing list, the title cases should be in capital and italicized.

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Apa citation or referencing from a website is an enjoyable task when you have all the required information at your fingertips but can also be a nightmare if you are green. APA style of citation is widely used and accepted in most social sciences works and academic writing. In the in-text citation, the last name of the author or authors, the date, the year of publication, and the pages are to be indicated in parentheses.
The revised APA 7th edition is more lined to an author-date style. This means the author’s surnames and the dates both in the text and the reference list should be in capital and have since been adopted. Are you looking for someone to write your citation work? Well, reach out to onlinenursingpapers.com for outstanding citation work.

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