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Do white and Black Christians differ?
Lecture Two
Do white and Black Christians differ? In this question, I am more interested in the notion that although the Christianity life and practice demands all adherents and followers to duly share in the Christian faith, a powerful and entrenched racial faith is explicitly evident. Tisby and Moore (2019) clarified that becoming a Christian is by and large a transformative process that involves total embodiment in Jesus’ holistic ministry. However, research has shown that the American church is guilty of discarding the Holy Scripture’s robust comprehension of God’s redemptive kingdom in favor of a racial faith that strongly supports racial inequality and racial injustice in the church and the community at large. Wytsma (2017) argued that Christianity might have played a role in the generation of racial categories through promoting the power and principality of whiteness while asserting the inferiority of blackness. In other words, the theological justification of slavery, colonialism and imperialism as perpetrated by the early European Christians paved the way for the racist ideology that has to the present day influenced the differences in Christianity belief and practice among whites and blacks.
Oyakawa (2019) pointed out the subjective association of white with Christian during the slavery era and into the colonization period formed the basis on which social dominance, submission to white normativity and the spread of cultural captivity that has since the 1600s equated American culture with Christian orthodoxy. Research has shown that the notable differences between white and black congregations emanates from an historical background of colonialism, slavery, reconstruction, Jim Crow, the civil rights movement, mass incarceration, and colorblindness (Bost, 2020). Therefore, whilst the church has been highly instrumental in promoting cultural diversity and tolerance in the American society, it has remained complicit in maintaining the structural and institutional systems as well as historical realities that are responsible for the differences between white and black Christians.
Racial distinctions and race-based discrimination

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