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Discuss the differences between multi- dimensional treatments and uni-dimensional treatments with substance abusers. In other words, discuss whether one specific treatment method should be used in the CJS (i.e. AA or NA only, therapy only, groups only) or if multiple treatment methods should be used where a number of different treatment methodologies are combined. Which do you think would have better treatment outcomes?  What does the research state about treatment outcomes? 

Also, and as part of this assignment, discuss the efficacy of treating a substance disorder individually, treating a mental health disorder individually (depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, etc.) or treating both disorders together in a program that addresses both of these concerns in the CJS. What is your opinion and what does the research state?  What does the research state about the percentage of co-morbid or dual diagnoses in the CJS vs. individual substance disorders and mental health disorders? An abstract is required and will count towards your minimum page number.

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