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 In a world that's facing new situations and changes every day, the healthcare industry should continue updating its patient care services to keep pace. This week's discussion is on healthcare trends. Begin by reviewing this week's resources and then reflect on what you have studied in the previous weeks.

Next, select any one of the following healthcare trends:

  • Price transparency
  • Consumer spending on healthcare
  • Medicaid expansion
  • Medicare for All
  • Value-based payment for healthcare

In your initial post, include the following details:

  • Share a resource on the future healthcare trend you selected from the provided list. Explain why you feel this trend is an important trend to monitor and how it relates to reimbursement.
  • Discuss potential challenges or opportunities within the industry or your chosen field (if applicable) you feel may result from this healthcare trend. As a healthcare leader, how would you position yourself and your team to overcome the challenges and prepare for the opportunities?
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