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This week's assignment we are going to investigate what threat information is being shared in the water and wastewater purification sectors. In our role as Vice President of Zenith City Water, we need to identify the threats that exist in our sector.

Assignment Guidelines

Step 1: Using a mixture of many different sources, you will be going out and finding the latest threats against your company’s sector. Try and answer the below questions and others you may think of.

  • Which APTs are currently going after other companies in your sector?
  • What tools are being used to go after the computer systems?
  • How successful has the group been?
  • Are the threats focused on a specific location for the victims or are they going after everyone equally?
  • Has law enforcement been brought in? Has law enforcement had any leads yet?

Step 2: Once you have gathered up all the information you will compile the data into a Word document of approximately 4-5 pages of content in a business memo formet, excluding the cover page, references, etc. Make sure you address the various questions listed above and other questions you developed from your research. 
Step 3: You need to include a single paragraph at the end stating if you think the company can weather the current atmosphere. This document will be viewed by various key personnel throughout the company.

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