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is intended to help you brainstorm different aspects of any research topic. Feel free to be as informal as you want. You may refer to Ch. 2 on Evidence-Based Practice to support your response.

Write a Brief Description of Research Topic. Don’t go into too much detail but try to write a description that’s more than three words long.

Write a Possible argument or Research Question. Even though you probably don’t have a stance on your topic now, play around with what argument you think you are likely to construct about it or with identifying what your primary research question is for this topic.

Write about What you already know on the topic – Your level of expertise. Spend a moment here jotting down what knowledge you have at this point, even if some of it is anecdotal.

Write about What you need to find out on your topic. Start listing what information you need to fill out your understanding of your topic.

Possible sources and research strategies. These may range from names of databases and search terms that you might use to identifying whether or not you intend to do more primary research and fieldwork for this project.

should be double-spaced, using a minimum of four well-organized paragraph

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