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NRS-425 – Topic 2: Indirect Care Experience Remediation
NRS-425 – Topic 2: Indirect Care Experience Remediation
Student Name: __________________________________            Date: ____________
Instructor: ______________________________
If students earned a 76% or higher on the Topic 2 “Benchmark – Community Teaching Project – Part 3” assignment, they do not need to complete this remediation.
Students who fail to complete the Topic 2 “Benchmark – Community Teaching Project – Part 3” assignment with a score of 76% or higher must complete remediation.
Students who must remediate and fail to do so will not receive a passing grade in the course.

Remediation must be completed prior to the end date of Topic 3. The competency areas in need of remediation are:


My remediation plan (to be reviewed with faculty):


Title of Section
Information to be Reviewed
Remediation Assignment

Topic and Learning Outcome
Explore the American Public Health Association (APHA) website using the link below. Review the topics and issues that are being addressed to improve health equity.
Review the GCU College of Education: Writing Learning Objectives document, located on the Student Success Center.
After reviewing the two websites, submit a 250-word summary of the topic that you would like to address in the presentation. Create two learning outcomes for your audience. Discuss why learning this information would be important for your audience.

Learning Assessment and Preparation
Learning theory
Click on the link below and review the four learning theories discussed in the article.
Select one of the learning theories identified. Submit a 250-word summary of the learning theory selected. Discuss the importance of using a learning theory when creating a teaching project.

Teaching Plan
As nurses, we are creating teaching plans for our patients. We create the behavioral learning objectives and decide the best method of teaching to achieve the best outcomes.
Review the following resource regarding behavioral learning objectives, teaching content, and learning activities.
Click on the link below and review the guidance for writing behavioral learning objectives.
Consider a recent teaching experience for a patient in your practice. Submit a 500-word summary of the teaching plan of this patient by discussing the following:
1. Identify two behavioral learning objectives that were created for your patient.
2. Describe the teaching content that was presented to meet the objectives.
3. Explain the learning activities that were completed to achieve the desired outcome.
4. Discuss how teaching materials used were evidence-based, taking into consideration health literacy and cultural sensitivity.

Teaching Outcomes Evaluation
Review the Health Care Education Association website on Evaluation. The link is located below. Review the three Evaluation Steps to help identify if learning was achieved.
Consider a recent teaching experience for a patient in your practice. Submit a 250-word summary of how you evaluated whether learning was achieved. Describe which of the three evaluation steps was used to determine if the patient understood the teaching that was presented.


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