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Leadership Theories in nursing Practice Essay
Leadership Theories in nursing Practice Essay
Leadership Theory in Practice
A healthy work environment can be satisfying for nurses. Nurses should work in an environment that empowers them to provide safe, high-quality patient care. A key to nursing empowerment is leadership behaviors that could create a healthy working environment for nurses (Hughes et al., 2022). The primary insights from the study by Richmond (2022) on matters concerning leadership entail positivity and authenticity. Mainly, a leader who is honest, self-aware, clear in the directions provided, and empathetic to the staff members creates a working environment where the staff members feel empowered (Alilyyani, 2022). In such situations, burnout and dissatisfaction are rare. Also, an effective nursing leader allows nurses to use their skills, behaviors, and knowledge to control their work, thus improving the staff’s commitment to the organization and the overall quality of care (Broome & Marshall, 2010). A leader should assist staff members to realize their potential and improve their skills Leadership Theories in nursing Practice Essay.
I have witnessed a situation where leadership behavior and skills were implemented in practice. The situation involved a situation where a nurse always reported late for work. The nurse manager talked to the nurse to understand the root cause of the problem instead of reprimanding or criticizing them. The manager told the nurse that he understood her circumstances, but she made her understand that she needed to be time-conscious as it appeared that she was neglecting her duties, which could harm patient outcomes. Since then, the nurse has become more committed to her job and was satisfied and seemingly happy.
The leadership skills employed by the nurse manager would enable the nurse to learn from his mistake and enable him to change her behavior. Open communication and active listening helped inspire and motivate the nurses while impacting behavior change (Specchia et al., 2021) Leadership Theories in nursing Practice Essay. A form of trust was formed with the nurse as the nurse manager did not reprimand or criticize her but was willing to listen to her problems and concerns. The leadership strategy led to a positive workplace that motivated the nurse to be a part of the organization’s vision. Thus, the nurse felt useful and appreciated.
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