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Journal Club Template for Qualitative Research Article
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Journal Club Template for Qualitative Research Article
The purpose of this assignment is to describe the research design and methodology. Please discuss the research design, the sample selection, the data collection methods and the plans for data analysis.  Please do not focus on or include the results of the study. The use of this template is required.  Any other format will not be accepted.  Each section should be fully developed and written in your own words.  Avoid quoting the article’s content. The article should be cited within the response in APA format. At the end, include this article in the reference section using APA format. Any other resources used should also be cited and referenced appropriately.

Research Design

Sample Selection

Data Collection Methods

Plans for Data Analysis

Strengths (include two strengths)

Weaknesses (include two weaknesses)

List references in alphabetical order and in APA format. References should be published within the last five years. In your paper, be sure every reference entry matches a citation, and every citation refers to an item in the reference list.

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