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How to write a satirical essay and satirical essay topics
Do you feel the need to communicate a pressing issue about politics, celebrities, or absurd situations? A satirical essay comes in handy to deter the bad blood in this case. You get to communicate your feelings and persuade people but in a humorous way.

A satirical essay serves the purpose of constructive social criticism. It uses wit to draw attention to particular and broader issues in your society. Unlike other types of academic writing, satiric essays allow you to voice your opinions on a thorny topic.
What is a satirical essay?
A satiric essay is a type of writing that uses satire to poke fun at or criticize a subject. You must use devices such as hyperbole and irony to get your point across. Satiric essays are often aimed at political bigwigs, celebrities, or absurd situations.
As a writer, you are supposed to seek and provide relevant, helpful, and eye-opening information within the scope of your essay. Learning  ‘how to write a satirical essay ‘ is easy once you grasp the techniques used for your content’s style and purpose.
Why do you use satire in a satiric essay?
Satire is a literal device used in writing. It’s the art of using humour, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose vices or people’s stupidity. It’s chiefly used in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.
When you use satire in a satiric essay, you make someone look ridiculous; thus, embarrassing, humbling, or discrediting their vices or actions. The most common example of satire is the Political cartoons. The cartoon Family Guy, for instance, is an animated series whose aim is to ridicule the American middle-class society and conventions.
If you are stuck wondering, what is a satirical essay? You need to google the phrase satirical essay definition. Society will be made aware of issues and disparities that affect them through you. Writing a satiric essay calls attention to these issues, thus enlightening the reader, who probably was ignorant of it all.
What are the techniques used to achieve satire?
Satire is the most intellectual form of comedy that attempts to point out flaws of a given subject to influence the audience to act and maybe chuckle. It’s therefore achieved by
Identifying your goal
To use satire in your writing, confirm what you want to accomplish and understand your audience. For instance, if you are to tackle a political issue, what is funny to a liberal person might be insulting to a conservative person.
Being ironic
The most widely used satirical device in writing is all forms of irony. Irony is a tongue-in-cheek style that expresses a satirical essay topic idea but implies the opposite. Some of the types of irony include

Dramatic irony

Dramatic irony, also known as tragic irony, occurs when you let your reader know something that a character in your satiric essay doesn’t know. 
Comic irony
You use this type of irony to create a comedic effect as in satire. For instance, in the poem Building the nation by Henry Barlow, Lunch is called an important urgent function. This is very satirical. 

Situational irony

This type of irony is used only when the outcome is subverted. For instance, in Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, Romeo attends the ball to see Rosaline, whom he thinks himself in love with, only to realize that whatever he feels for Rosaline is not love when he falls for Juliet.

Verbal irony

Verbal irony refers to a statement that you mean the opposite of what you are saying. For instance, in the Pardoner’s tale, his admittance to his hypocrisy and greed is a form of verbal irony within itself; he says, “Yes, I can preach against the vice of avarice that is my own device: for though I’m guilty of that very sin.”
Using extreme exaggeration
Authors commonly use exaggeration to create satire. This technique in a satiric essay presents something beyond what is normal to observe its faults. A good example is cartoons that often employ caricatures exaggerating a physical trait.
Making it ridiculous
You can point out the flaws of a given subject by using satire that absurdly represents them. Ridiculousness is achieved by the use of 

Anachronism- placing an idea or object at the wrong time
Malapropism- deliberately mispronouncing a word for comedic effect
Incongruent elements- they are juxtaposed to make something seem absurd in relation to its surroundings
Parody- imitation of a person or thing to mock the original
Travesty- presenting a serious subject in a silly manner
Burlesque- involves elevating something ridiculous or trivializing something important

Getting bitter
If you want to take a stab at a specific subject, use sarcasm as a technique of creating satire. Sarcasm is a sharp and wounding remark that shows intent to ridicule. Use this in your satirical essays to garner a big audience.
The tone of satire
Tone refers to the author’s attitude towards the subject matter. You should have an attitude towards your subject because every other author has. Different words or phrases show tone or attitude in writing.
Satire is a genre of literature in which the writer uses irony and criticism and a desire to see a change of society’s flaws. If you want your tone to be satirical, you must want to see reform and use a lot of irony in your satirical essay.
The most renowned types of satire are the Horatian satire which is light and humorous, and Juvenalian satire, which is dark and bitter. Other types of satire include 

Parody: This is a humorous imitation of a serious subject. 
Caricature:  This is a  humorous exaggeration of a person or group’s feature, quality, or characteristic. 
Burlesque talks about a serious subject in a trivial manner or an unimportant subject in a serious way.

The methodology used by authors to write satiric essays
 If you are writing satire or a satirical essay, you use the following procedures

Wit -This is a quick mind and great verbal skill. 
Sarcasm -This is a type of irony intended to insult and wound
Repartee -This is the ability to answer quickly with wit and sarcasm. 
Allusion – This is referring to something without directly mentioning it.
Understatement -is stating something and making it seem less important than it is.
Exaggeration – It’s achieved by overstating something; to make something seem more important than it is.

The five-minute rule of writing a satiric essay
Ironically, some satiric essays demand some level of irrelevance which is the highest-ranking form of humour. Satirical artists use it to speak and affect social or political change or prevent it. Satirical writing does not have to be necessarily funny. Still, from an example of a satirical essay, you will find that there is an extreme exaggeration as you try to drive the point home.
How to write a satirical essay
Satirical essays entertain readers; hence you must be well versed on the techniques of writing satirically. Here are some of the guidelines to a fantastic satiric essay

Choose a topic

When choosing a topic for a satirical essay, it must be ironic and ridiculous. This is because you want to depict the absurdity of your subject. An artist exaggerates a caricature’s facial features, and so should you in your topic selection process.

Use hyperbole to drive your point home.

Hyperbole, also known as exaggeration, is a literal device that overrates facts; while writing a satiric essay, you need to stick to facts but use hyperbole to highlight the absurdity behind those facts.
For instance, the song ‘To the moon and back,’ sung and authored by Savage Garden, has the following lyrics. 
“I would fly to the moon and back if you’ll be…
If you’ll be my baby
Got a ticket for a world where we belong
So would you be my baby?”
You know that the moon has an inhospitable environment for humans, right ? Celestial bodies have held a special allure for people in love since time immemorial. It doesn’t make sense for anyone to ‘fly to the moon and back ’ to get the other party to profess their love to you, but it has persuaded many people.

Use irony to present your ideas

Irony is the use of phrases to express the opposite of what you truly mean. It also expresses a contradiction between what someone expects and what occurs. Irony is a fantastic tool in a satirical essay because of its sarcastic tone.
For instance, Oedipus the King is the best example of dramatic irony because the entire focus of the play is on Oedipus unknowingly condemning himself by demanding to know the truth about the murderer of the former king. The whole action of the play is built on the dramatic irony that the murderer Oedipus seeks is himself.

Aim for humour in your satirical essay.

Satire isn’t wholly funny, but pointing out your topic’s ridiculous elements brings your readers to your way of thinking. At times it’s tricky for the reader to get the humour used; hence pointing it out in your satiric essay enhances their understanding.
How to create good satirical essay topics
The first step to writing a  good satirical essay is thinking about a topic. When selecting good satirical essay topics, you can choose to write about

A person well known to you
Someone famous
Unusual or weird facts

The best sources for satirical essay topics include.

Close to home

Writing a satirical essay about people and things you encounter daily can be a starting point for a good satirical essay topic

Satire of your school

Which part of your school deserves mockery? You can write about your school to express your satirical essay ideas with authorization. Of course, the topic will be a hit.

Satire of your family life

You might feel reluctant to write an essay mocking your own family, but how about mocking family life in general? You can zero on a specific topic like agreeing on family vacations as a target of your mockery.

Satire of a local scene

Do you have a local hangout that you think is a little silly? You can write a satirical essay focusing on that local joint’s aspects that make it look ridiculous.


Politics should be your inspiration if you are learning how to write a satiric essay. You are aware of politicians and political issues on local, national, and global levels; hence you can write about them without being offensive. The topic should be juicy.

Local readers

Writing a satirical essay about a local leader, such as a mayor, Congressperson, or city council member, involves carrying out some research. The research helps you understand the leader’s personality and politics, thus a learning experience.


Ever since the existence of presidential offices, presidents have been the satirist’s target. You can write satirical essays on a specific speech or event presided over by a commander in chief of the armed forces. Be careful and stay focused on your topic

Political debate

You can develop your satirical muscles by mocking political debates in local and nationals election years. Focus on the actual words people utter in the discussion and then show how they can be exaggerated and modified to maximize the satirical effect.
Examples of topics for a satirical essay
Here are some interesting categories of topics for a satirical essay.
Satirical essay topics on History 

How did history play a role in society today?
How World War II could have turned out differently
What could have happened to us in case slavery was never abolished?
Was Alexander the Great great?
How did Adolf Hitler become the leader of a nation?
The role of the royal family now and then
The most significant events in history
The best American world presidents

Political satirical essay topics

Should we still be listening to politicians?
Should the United States build a wall and Mexico is paying for it?
Should abortion be legal?
Are hidden handguns a concealed problem?
Is the penalty of death a dying tradition?
Should the voting age be lowered?

Satirical essay topics on sport 

Who is tougher, football or rugby players?
Is the world cup the biggest tournament on earth?
Does anyone understand the off-side rule in football?
Should there be ads on jerseys?
What packs more of a punch, MMA, or boxing?
Why not allow steroids in sports?
Are athletes really our role models?

Social satirical essay topics

Is it time for gun control?
Is veganism a thing?
Does our country have an obesity alert?
Should healthcare be free to everyone?
Should bhang be legalized?
Why should euthanasia be legalized?
How to keep up with slang as you get older
The dullness of modern music 
Gender preference: be whoever you want to be.
Ten reasons why breastfeeding in public should be illegal
Seven reasons why women should not get pregnant.
Why is poverty not a third-world problem?

Satirical essay topics about love

Does true love really exist?
How to avoid coming across as weird on your first date.
Do pick-up lines work, and when are you not to use them?
If love is blind, why do we care so much?
What would happen in a world without love?
Is there an age limit in love?
Can you love more than one person romantically?
Love at first sight: truth or myth?

Satirical essay topics  on marriage

The cost of an average wedding.
Is forever a lie in the marriage vows?
Questions you should ask before walking down the aisle.
Why I won’t get married in a church.
Is marriage worth it?

Satirical essay topics about money

Is money really that important?
Working hard doesn’t mean earning more money.
Is money just a piece of paper?
Is money better than copulation?
Being broke isn’t so bad, is it?
Would you rather cry in a Ferrari or a scooter?
Is money the root of all evil?
If money is the root of all evil, is being broke holy?

Media Satirical essay topics

Is any publicity good publicity?
Should we have censorship?
Does privacy exist anymore?
Does the media influence our thinking?
Is there anything like a hoax in the news?

School satirical essay topics

Do grades really matter?
School dropouts make a good decision
Things that the teachers don’t tell you
Are uniforms really that important?
Teachers enjoy giving assignments to their students
Ways to flunk your exams

Satirical essay topics about Education 

Are educated people the only wealthy people?
Is education really the key to success?
Environmental topics
Do we really need the ozone layer?
Is climate change a real deal?
Recycling does make a big difference, doesn’t it?

 Examples of funny satirical essay topics

Common first world problems
Ready to cut down trees because we need a toothpick?
New technology: guilty until proven innocent
What women really want
What your girlfriend says and what she means
You are what you eat
How eventually we turn into our parents
Why does it take ages for women to get ready?
Who teaches politicians to lie?
How not to get bored at a family dinner
How to eat a lot without gaining weight.

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