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Development of a Teaching Plan
Development of a Teaching Plan
You are a nurse on the mother-baby unit. You have been assigned Anna and her twin boys born at 37 weeks. Anna is a 21-year-old first-time mother who delivered yesterday by cesarean section under spinal anesthesia. Because Anna has a history of asthma and pneumonia as well as being a half-pack-per-day smoker, she needs to start using an incentive spirometer every two hours while awake.
You are responsible for doing the teaching with Anna on the incentive spirometer
Development of a Teaching Plan Part 1: Answer the following questions.

List the goal and purpose for learning in Anna’s teaching plan.
List one cognitive, one affective, and one psychomotor objective to achieve the goal for learning.
List the teaching methods and instructional materials you will use to teach Anna, including the reasons they were selected.
What evaluation methods will you use to identify that Anna has met the goal?

Part 2: Teaching plan
Using the template on page 445 (Bastable 5th ed.) create a teaching plan. This format is highly recommended because the columns allow the educator as well as anyone else who is using it, to see all parts of the teaching plan at one time.
Part 3: References. Support assignment with 2 or more references, one of which can be a textbook. Reference page is to be formatted in APA 7th ed. Style.
Submit as one document to the Development of a Teaching Plan assignment drop box. Due date is Sunday, February 27, 2022.

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