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For this discussion you will need to post a video by clicking on the YouTube icon in the above browser and explain to the class why you chose that particular video? It should have some creative reflection of dance as an art form that had an impact on you! Art many times is a reflection of our society and the issues we are addressing throughout our history and take that perspective with your video post if possible. Here's an example of a video that I feel represents not only a style of dance as a performing art but sends a message regarding the great sacrifices that are made in the name of patriotism! What's your video's story or theme? Also, to receive full credit for this discussion you must also respond to at least two of your classmate's video postings as well (you will not be able to view your classmates' postings until you have already posted your video!) Be sure to adhere to the due date and time for this discussion submission deadline!   

Please note: Discussions with video postings must either "show" the video so it can simply be "clicked on" and played (hint use the YouTube link in the HTML editor browser located above the text box). You may also choose to embed the link by "sharing" the video (hint use the unbroken chain link in the HTML editor browser located above the text box.).

sample https://youtu.be/a4Fv98jttYA?si=vCuON9HYzpT9HoRt

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