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Explore the conscious capitalism resources provided and conduct additional research on the principle of conscious leadership. 

Utilize the data gathered from the following self-assessments provided in the topic Resources:

  1. "The VARK Questionnaire"
  2. "Cultural Competency Self-Assessment"
  3. "Rokeach Values Survey"

Write a reflection of 1,000-1,250 words in which you discuss the following:

  1. Explain the characteristics of conscious      leadership as defined by Mackey and Sisodia. Provide citations to      strengthen your claims.
  2. Choose two historical management theories and      explain their influence on the field of organizational behavior. Provide      citations to strengthen your claims.
  3. Describe the importance of self-awareness,      self-concept, and emotional intelligence and the role they play in      enabling effective conscious leadership and effective self-leadership.      Provide citations to strengthen your claims.
  4. Briefly summarize the results of each assessment      you completed: "The VARK Questionnaire," "Cultural      Competency Self-Assessment," and "Rokeach Values Survey,"      provided in the topic Resources. In general, do you believe the results      represent who you are as a leader? How will the results inspire you to be      a conscious leader? Explain.
  5. Briefly, conduct a self-reflection in which you      answer the following questions: (a) What insights have you gained about      yourself after taking the assessments? (b) How could this knowledge      influence your values, attitude toward others, and how you approach new      tasks in the workplace? (c) What have you learned about what it takes to      lead others or how you respond to the management tactics of others within      the workplace? (d) What have you learned about your ability to lead others      within the workplace?
  6. Explain the value of analyzing organizational      behavior from the individual, group, and organizational perspective. How      do your self-assessment results contribute to this? Provide citations to      strengthen your claims.


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