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Can racial/ethnic minorities be saved from poverty?
Lecture Five and Six
Can racial/ethnic minorities be saved from poverty? In this abrasive question, it is clear that the many types of government assistance historically offered to White majority did play a major role in promoting white privilege and undermining the ability of other racial groups to overcome poverty.  Research has shown that the pursuit of racial progress must be defined by concerted effort to uplift the socio-economic status of millions of people from racial minorities and to substantiate the myth of white supremacy from a holistic perspective (Oyakawa, 2019). Wytsma (2017) insisted that although diversity initiatives have been highly instrumental in improving the material situation of minorities, data indicates that white people benefit more from these initiatives. Tisby and Moore (2019) concurred that whilst the slavery era was characterized by the exploitation of black bodies for economic gain or labor, the recent years have witnessed the use of racial minorities by white people for personal or organizational enrichment and exposure.
In other words, the inclusion of people of color in the workplace and other formerly segregated places and events has been become tones to prove an organization or individuals ‘open-mindedness’ (Bantum, 2016). Therefore, whilst there may be determined effort to identify and tackle systemic poverty amongst racial minorities in modern America, the superior social location and specific privilege allocated to whiteness has made it completely difficult for the disadvantaged minorities to be saved from the pangs of poverty (Husain, 2017). Equally, the degree of black oppression in the wake of white supremacy has not been fully acknowledged, and hence whilst there exist an environment that is more sensitive and aware of racism, the entrenched nature of racial injustice and ideology still reinforces white superiority and modern racism (Bost, 2020).
Race in the modern American society

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