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Waldorf University Animal Testing Techniques Impact Essay

Waldorf University Animal Testing Techniques Impact Essay

Question Description

write 8 full pages double spaced MLA format (title and references pages not counted)


The purpose of this essay is to take to take a position on an argument. You will choose a topic related to the impact of technology on ONE area, such as science, communications, education, health care, or freedom of speech. You must choose an arguable sub-topic related to one of these larger areas. For example, you can argue that specific types of technology, such as tools in health care that monitor a person’s health and well-being, are beneficial to society.

College-level argument essays require you to go beyond merely summarizing what you read on a topic. You must take a position and build an argument supported by credible and legitimate sources. You must analyze and comment on what the importance and significance of this topic is in the wider world.

Note: You cannot be neutral, and just list pros and cons. You must “take a side” and defend an argument. Even if you are unsure, you still have to decide on a position and defend it. That is the purpose of this assignment. It is an extremely important academic skill to learn. You will address the opposition (the cons) in the counter-arguments section of the essay.

  • MLA documentation, including correctly incorporating direct quotes, and citing quotes, paraphrases and summaries of a text using correctly formatted page number (or paragraph number if no page) citations.
  • Writing in third-person using a formal academic voice
  • Using active voice/avoiding using “the reader” and questions as filler
  • Analyzing more than summarizing
  • Discussing meaning, using non-fiction sources to support your discussion of meaning
  • Followed all other instructions and standards in the Analytical Writing Instructions
  • Correctly applied all language spotlight concepts

Sources: A minimum of 6-8 sources. Use the college’s library databases to find these sources. DO NOT JUST SEARCH THE INTERNET. You must learn to use the library databases. Correctly formatted works cited entries include the name of the database (but leave off the URL).

  1. In order to build your argument, write down three or four statements that argue your position on the issue, and that support your thesis. Your sources should help you to identify these points of support.
  2. Argument outline: Now that you have your supporting points of argument, write an outline, incorporating evidence from your sources to prove your argument. Use ONLY the outline worksheet template provided.
  3. Use direct quotes, paraphrases and summaries from the sources to provide evidence to support your argument. Use MLA page number or paragraph citations.
  4. Write a works cited page using MLA standards.

Among other things, make sure that the final draft document follows these MLA formatting standards:

  • The original essay title (that you write yourself), your name, date, class name centered and double-spaced on the cover page/Do not repeat this information anyplace else in the essay–just put it on the cover page.
  • Include headers with only your last name and page numbers.
  • Start the page numbering at the beginning of the document at the cover page and go all the way through to the last page of the document, which is the works cited page. Do not start the page numbers over at any point in the document.
  • 1″ margins
  • 12-point font (MLA fonts include Times New Roman, Ariel or Courier). Never mix fonts. Use the same font and font size throughout the document.
  • Evenly double-space the entire document from beginning to end, which includes the works cited page. To eliminate extra spaces between paragraphs and works cited entries, in Word or other document program, go to Paragraph, set spacing between paragraphs before and after to zero (never auto).
  • The essay will go in this order: Cover page, Outline, Essay, Works Cited.
  • The outline will start on the next page after the cover page. The essay will start on the next page after the end of the outline. Do not put your name or title again (these go only on the cover page). The works cited page starts on the page following the final page of the essay. Never put the works cited in a separate document. It always go with the essay.

Please: Upload the final draft of the essay in this order: Cover page—name, date, course name AND original title; Outline; Essay; Works Cited. Put all four of these items into ONE file, and paginate it from beginning to end. Please separate them like this, Upload the final draft of the essay in this order: Cover page—name, date, course name AND original title; Outline; Essay; Works Cited.

Essay #4: Research Paper

Minimum Length: 8 pages

Academic argument about a current issue related to the theme of technology in the current world

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