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UC Irvine Womanhouse Semiotics of The Kitchen Arts & Culture as A Weapon Discussion

UC Irvine Womanhouse Semiotics of The Kitchen Arts & Culture as A Weapon Discussion

Question Description

Each task need 200 words


For this week’s Art Interpretation, we have a slight variation. Rather than my selecting specific images for everyone to look at, I have directed you to a website that provides background on artists associated with “Feminist Art.” The term invokes not merely a particular political outlook during the 1970s, alhthough presumptively, individuals associated with this movement likely shared those views, but rather a specific style of incorporating political sentiment into the art itself. As always, you can find the link for This Week’s Art at the bottom of the reading list on the Week 4 Roadmap.

When you click through to the web page at The Art Story: Modern Art Insight (Links to an external site.) you will find a page that contains background information, with links to some topical issues and profiles of individual artists. Be sure to read the summary and background information for their curated introduction to Feminist Art. This includes the three links in the box (“Feminist Art Beginnings and Development, (Links to an external site.)” “Feminist Art Concepts (Links to an external site.),” andFeminist Art Later Developments and Legacy (Links to an external site.)“). Information discussed there may appear on the quiz. It is not necessary for you to view every image at this website or to learn about every single artist profiled here. Do take the time to sift through several profiles or galleries of images (sift = not a deep reading). Ultimately, select two images you wish to comment on. To make it easier for us to follow your post, please download/paste or copy/paste the images you are writing about into your post.

After you identify two pieces you wish to comment on, you may either respond to one of the prompts below or simply do your own thing.

Remember this post needs to be only between 150-300 words. Posts are due on Thursdays at Noon.

PROMPT 1: Focus your comments on a single work of art. What aesthetic qualities does the work possess that enable it to capture and hold the viewer’s attention? How does the piece appear to stake out a position in some cultural dispute? What did it make you feel when you looked at it? What did it make you think about when you looked at it?

PROMPT 2: Consider the “Key Ideas” on the website’s mainpage as well as the list of “Key Ideas” attributed to each individual artist. Explain how the images you chose exemplify the ideals identified as key.

PROMPT 3: If you selected pieces by two different artists, compare and contrast how each artist sought to incorporate “key ideas” into their work. If you deem one more successful at that than the other, why do you think that piece worked better?

PROMPT 4: On the “Later Developments” (Links to an external site.) page, the author quotes artist Kiki Smith’s assessment of the significance of Feminist Art: “The feminist movement exponentially expanded what art is, and how we look at art, and who is considered to be included in the discourse of art making. I think that it caused a tremendous, radical change (Links to an external site.).” Explain how the images you selected live up to Smith’s proclamation.


Directions: For this Forum, you must post an original statement between 150-300 words before Noon on Thursday. You may 1) respond to a prompt made by the professor below, or 2) respond to a post made previously by a classmate, or 3) come up with your own original topic (so long as it deals with one of the readings assigned for this week). Please make clear by title/author/page number, which part of which text you discuss. Responses to these questions don’t have “right” and “wrong,” provided you make a good faith effort to deal with the readings. (These generic instructions will apply every week!) Remember, we looking for reactions here, which means there seldom will be a “right” or a “wrong” answer. Just be thoughtful!

PROMPT ONE: Chang contends that Asian-American artists tended to get overlooked, their careers falling into oblivion. Recovering those almost-lost works, letting them “emerge from the shadows,” demonstrates “that Asian American experiences were an integral part of the social and political fabric of the country.” (xi) For what reasons were Asian Americans artists overlooked previously? Discuss the life and career of two of the artists mentioned by Chang, with particular attention to how their art expressed a sense of the artist’s racial identity.

PROMPT TWO: Chang writes, “art may lead us to better understand the forms of political expression.” He observers further that many Asian-American artists “were profoundly affected by contemporary social movements and participated as artist activists.” (xiii) In “The Power of Imagery in Advancing Civil Rights,” Childs articulates a similar thesis. Her article profiles an exhibit by Maurice Berger. Compare and contrast how each author, one scholar and one journalist, discuss how images make a powerful vehicle to discuss sensitive racial issues.

PROMPT THREE: Ana Mendieta’s work exemplifies both the key principles associated with “Feminist Art,” and the fact that she was in immigrant, caught up in the diaspora that followed the Cuban Revolution. Carefully consider the information in both the Huffington Post essay by Priscilla Frank (Links to an external site.) and in the profile of Mendieta linked from the Art Story website (Links to an external site.). How did Mendieta’s work exemplify the reality of her life as a refugee from revolution, immigrant to a strange land, and a young woman at a moment in time (the 1970s), when feminism was new and exciting? You may embed images of Mendieta’s work into your essay if necessary.

PROMPT FOUR: Explain the concept of “emotional contagion as information” from Chapter 9 of Culture as a Weapon. Thompson wrote these words years ago, but do his ideas apply to the bizzarro world of 2020?

PROMPT FIVE: Thompson describes artist Rirkit Tiravanjia’s piece pad thai as an example of “participatory artistic production.” (206-207) What qualities does this genre of art possess?

a. If you’ve ever attended or witnessed an example of this genre, please describe the experience. Did you “have trouble understanding what the art is?” (206)

b. Conceptualize and describe a project [of your own] from this genre that features the ability to “bring people together to share a moment” (207), but that still qualifies in some way as art. (E.g., a birthday party brings people together, but in itself would probably not be deemed “art.”)

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