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Transgenders Who Were Males Before Not Be Allowed Join Competitions for Women Paper

Transgenders Who Were Males Before Not Be Allowed Join Competitions for Women Paper

Question Description

Use the outline to write about 800words paper

STEP 1 (Transgenders)

Topic: Why should transgenders who were males before not be allowed in competitions for women

1. Transgender are winning against natural women in international competitions and this shouldn’t be happening

2. Women have a lack of athleticism when compared to men. I do not have experience regarding the topic but I have

read articles about them.

3. I think the audience has heard about transgenders winning sports competitions

4. If transgenders are ever allowed to join sports competitions, the playing field may become uneven

STEP 2 (Transgenders)

1. A lot of people are coming out of their closets and the way the world is perceived is now changing drastically, but

there is still a need for the rules that have been implemented before to be followed by them.

2. I have done research about the topic and once the facts have been drawn, everything will become much clearer

3. I am not uniquely qualified to present this topic, but I have a voice that I will use to lay out the facts and open

the eyes of my audience.

4. The topic talks about the need for fairness in competitions, fairness which I believe can be extended to the everyday

lives of people.

Step 3 (Transgenders)

Source 1 :Trans Athletes Are Posting Victories and Shaking Up Sports, CHRISTIE ASCHWANDEN (2019)

This article talks about transgenders who won in their respective sports; Laurel Hubbard, who joined the Pacific Games

and won two gold medals in the weightlifting category, CeCé Telfer became the NCAA Division II national champion in the 400-meter

run and other athletes who won the competitions they joined. These achievements were met with outrage by natural girls and women

who believed that transgenders are ruining sports competitions. These source helps me provide a situation where the unfairness of

the case is seen. These will be used when I am giving out the reasons as to why transgenders should not be allowed to join

competitions for natural women.

Source 2 :The Inequality of Sport: Women are less than Men, Valarie Hanson (2012)

This journal article shows the natural differences of men and women. It explains the difference in muscle mass and raw

strength. The article also shows the reasons why men are hard to be beat by women when it comes to sports. These journal article

gives me the facts about the differences of men and women and helps me apply them to transgenders joining competitions for natural

women. These facts will be used when I am introducing the topic and showing the differences between men and women.

Source 3 : Transgender athletes deserve compassion, but not the right to transform women’s sports. Anita Y. Milanovich (2019)

This article presents the effects of transgenders joining sports competitions such as broken bones caused by the strength of

the transgender. The article also provides information about the very significant difference of men and women when it comes to raw strength

due to muscle mass, bone density, height, and lung capacity.It also tackles the ineffectiveness of cross-hormone treatment because it

cannot fully suppress all the things that come with being a man.


Why should transgenders who were males before not be allowed to join competitions for women


– Men are naturally stronger than women, but in our time, people who were born as men are becoming women, should there be limitations to what they can do?

– In sports, men and women cannot compete evenly because of the natural differences between them, but what happens when a transgender joins sports for women?

– The body will be presenting the different factors that tips the balance if transgenders join sports competitions for women


1. Women lack the natural athleticism that most men have.

2. There have been competitions where transgenders won against women

3. These achievements of the transgenders have been met with outrage by their fellow competitors

4. There were cases when broken bones were caused by the opposing transgender

5. Even with cross-hormone treatment, the natural strength of men cannot be fully suppressed


1. Transgenders still have the raw strength of men even with cross-hormone treatment

2. With all these differences laid out, should transgenders still be allowed to join sports competition for women?

3. What do you think? Is “equality” needed here? Or is this where we say enough is enough?

  • Must use the topic approved by your instructor from the Module 4 Discussion Forum
  • Must include an introduction, body, and conclusion using Duarte’s 10/80/10 model and the format outlined
  • Must include research from 3 sources along with proper citations in APA format
  • Must utilize ethos, pathos, and logos

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