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Stanford University Walt Disney World Cast Member Proposal Comment Questions “

Stanford University Walt Disney World Cast Member Proposal Comment Questions “

Question Description

Just do response each posted # 1 to 3 down below only

    • Does
      the introduction clearly announce the topic and engage the reader’s
      interest? If not, why not? If yes, what is engaging and interesting?
    • Is there a clear sense of purpose throughout the writing? Why or why not?
    • Is the solution effectively presented? Why or why not?
    • Are sources integrated into the proposal? Do they follow APA format? Are they effective? Why or why not?
    • How could the author improve the paper? Please offer at least two concrete suggestions.
    • Do
      you consider this paper to be responsive to the Discussion assignment?
      If not, what recommendations do you have for making it meet the
      Discussion requirements?
    • Provide additional suggestions or comments.

As you are reviewing papers, think about this:

would you want to know about the paper you are reviewing if you were
its author? In other words, provide useful, helpful, and applicable
advice to one another.

Posted 1

To: Dan Wilkes, Resort Property Rooms Manager

CC: Douglas Smith, Union Shop Steward

Robin Johnson, Resort Operations General Manager

From: Front Office Service Advisor

Date: July 10, 2020

Subject: Request to Peruse Research on Yearly Employee Evaluations

have attached my proposal to start conducting yearly evaluations for
each Walt Disney World Cast Member. It has come to the attentions of
myself, and others, that there are some fellow Cast Members who may not
be fit for their role any more. Acknowledging that these roles are
Unionized, we understand that we will work closely with union shop
stewards, to eliminate any chance of violation in contract. These
evaluations will be done by managers to help set guidelines and see what
service errors are occurring (Paes de Faria (2020).

I have
worked for the Walt Disney World Company in a few roles over the last
three years and I have been a guest for as long as I can remember.
During this time, I have noticed the lack of passion some Cast holds is
present in every role. In order to eliminate this characteristic in the
Cast, the company should commence with yearly evaluations. By examining
current Cast Members in each role, the company is ensuring the guests
they are receiving the greatest guest service.

I am interested
in hearing your feedback and will follow up with you on Monday, July,
20, 2020. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions
by phone.


A Proposal Prepared for

Dan Wilkes, Resort Property Rooms Manager

The Walt Disney World Resorts and Parks

Prepared by

Front Office Service Advisor

The Walt Disney World Resorts and Parks

July 10, 2020


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY……………………………………………………………………X










notion of having yearly evaluations of Cast Members provides the Walt
Disney World Company with the proof that they are providing the greatest
guest service to all guests. Over the years, Cast Members tend to “lose
the Magic” or passion they once had for their roe when they first
started. Currently the company has these Cast Members still in their
role, unhappy and because of this, they are not providing the guest with
the Magical Experience that is expected when visiting Walt Disney
World. By Conducting these evaluations, the company will be eliminating
that negative possibility, and instead, create a possible
once-in-a-lifetime memory.

These evaluations can also be
beneficial to see how the supervisors are doing as well. Evaluation the
work and characteristics of a Cast Member reflects the way the
supervisors are conducting their own work as well. So by evaluating the
Cast Member, you are also evaluating the supervisors (Frederiksen,
Lange, &Kriechel, 2020). This creates a platform for the company to
become efficient in the evaluation process. In the recent months of
Disney being shut down, time management and maximizing profits have
become highly sensitive in the company. By being able to look not only
one Cast Member, but see how they evaluate their peers is more efficient
for the company.

In this proposal I will be discussing the
benefits of yearly evaluations and how these will increase guest
satisfaction along with Cast Member moral. I believe that by meeting
with each Cast Member and creating a safe space, the company will be
giving the Cast Members a way to either correct bad habits they have
created over the years or realize they need to be in another role. Again
this will great a better place to work and a better place to vacation.
Yearly evaluations will be the easiest and safest way to work with the
union to correct any casting errors.


evaluations are beneficial to large companies like Walt Disney World
because it creates an easy way to monitor all of the Cast Members. The
performance effort of a Cast Member contributes to the Company as the
year’s progress (Goler et al., 2016). This indicates that the effort a
Cast Member puts in, reflects that of the company. If the Cast Member is
truly happy with where they are located it will create a happy work
place and in Disney’s case, create a Magical place to visit, but on the
contrary, if the Cast Member is not happy and is not doing their job or
just the minimum requirements, they are not creating this. That is why
it is important to have yearly evaluations of Cast Members.


recent events, the hospitality and tourism industry has been suffering.
Walt Disney World and all of the company’s’ other parks and resorts
have been financially burdened. Now that things are starting to open up,
The Walt Disney World Company should capitalize on this, while also
trying to focus on the most efficient ways to create Magic again. Due to
the phased opening, now is the best time to try these evaluations out
because with less cast members operating the properties, we can create
and use this time to start small.

There is a demand now, more
than ever, to go to Walt Disney World and they reason being, people want
to feel that “Magic” again. In order to do this, it is crucial that the
company makes certain that the most fit Cast Members are in the correct
role. As hospitality workers, we are expected to be able to multitask,
both physical and mental tasks that can be exhausting, all the while
still maintaining the company’s standards (Johnson &Woods, 2008).
Just as the industry is changing constantly, so do Cast Members, one
that was casted for a role a few years ago, may have out grown it by
now. This is why the evaluations are so important.


that these evaluations are worth it, a study was done with 300
employees of a company. They were asked whether or not the company
should get rid of the evaluations. The outcome was the 87% requested to
keep the evaluations (Goler et al., 2016). These evaluations not only
benefit the company, but they also benefit the Cast Member. Jokinen
(2017) elaborates on the idea that those who are evaluated and actively
trying to improve their skills based on the evaluations feedback, prove
to be more successful. These Cast Members are the ones that get the
promotions or the more complex jobs (Jokinen, 2017). Since these
promotions would be going to high qualified Cast Members, this is also
ensuring the company is spending their labor wages in the best way
(Goler, 2016). Job promotions often come with a monetary promotion, and
this acts as an incentive for Cast Members to take these evaluations
seriously. This could be in the unions favor, too, because these
evaluations would act as solid evidence of why certain Cast Members are
getting promotions and other are not (Goler, 2016).

(I think this is where the graph will go)

creating this forum for both the Cast Member and management, the
company is showing that it cares for the wellbeing of the everyone and
wants to see them succeed. These evaluations will also provide a space
for the Cast Member to share any thoughts or concerns they have about
management, fellow Cast Members, or supervisors. I believe these
evaluations are beneficial to the company, because it will help
potentially save money, by giving promotions to those that truly deserve
it, and by ensuring that the company is providing the best customer
service be guaranteeing the most qualified employees are on the front

This will be a meeting between the Cast Member, a one or
two Leaders, a Proprietor, and a Union Shop Steward. In this meeting,
the shop steward will be there to make sure that nothing is violating
the Contract. This creates a safe space for the Cast Member to know that
they are being represented and protected by the union. It also leaves
space for the Leaders to give constructive criticism or praise. By
allowing the Leaders to address concerns or areas that might need
improvement, it also allows for the Cast Members to discuss their own
concerns. These meetings will take held within the week of each Cast
Members’ yearly anniversary, this way it is all spread out and gives
time for each Leader, Proprietor, and Union Steward to adjust their
calendars. This will also create a more relaxed feel, and not a
stressful meeting, because ti will be planned.


each Cast Member time to reflect and correct the habits made, it opens
the company to an ideal work environment. If a company shows they truly
care for you, the employee will be more likely to stay and provide
excellent customer service. “…a great deal of research is

currently taking place in order to understand why some people are happier than others and also to

ways in which to make people happier” (Naude et. al, 2016, p. 2). When
Cast Members stay motivated, the outcome of the work is positively
produced meaning the guest is receiving the best customer service. This
creates a win-win relationship between the guest and the Cast Member.
The guest leaves happy, and the Cast Member is content knowing they
provided the absolute best service they could.


I am still doing research, so I would like to add the concnlusion at
the end once everything is all done and I can kind of recap what was
said. **


Ana C. C. Paes Paes
de Faria, Fernando A. F. Ferreira, Paulo J. V. L. Dias, & Amali
Çipi. (2020). A constructivist model of bank branch front-office
employee evaluation: an FCM-SD-based approach. Technological and
Economic Development of Economy, 26(1). https://doi.org/10.3846/tede.2020.11883

A., Lange, F., & Kriechel, B. (2016, December 24). Subjective
performance evaluations and employee careers. Retrieved July 04, 2020

M., & Woods, R. (2008). Recognizing the emotional elements in
service excellence. Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, Vol. 49 (Issue 3).
Retrieved from http://web.b.ebscohost.com/ehost/detail/detail?vid=30&sid=d41416d6-857b-4949-8935-905cae0f5b04%40sessionmgr104&bdata=JkF1dGhUeXBlPWlwJnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZSZzY29wZT1zaXRl#AN=34128859&db=hjh

Jokinen, J. (2017). Essays on Wages, Promotions and Performance Evaluations.
Retrieved July 7, 2020, from

Lori Goler, Gale, J., and Grant, A. (2016, October 12). Let’s Not Kill Performance Reviews Yet. https://hbr.org/2016/11/lets-not-kill-performance-evaluations-yet?autocomplete=true.

Naude, R., Kruger, S., de Beer, L. T., Saayman, M., & Jonker, C. (2016). The relationship

between personality types and leisure time activities amongst Casino employees’

workplace expectations. South African Journal Of Human Resource Management, 14(1),

1-11. doi:10.4102/sajhrm.v14i1.761

Posted 2

Unit 4 Assignment 1

Table of Contents


Albanian Geography and History

Albanian Political Situation

Albanian Economy

Albanian Culture



would like to write this proposal to you Mr. Smith being that you are
the CEO of our company as a request to allow me to expand our company’s
operations into Albania. As an Albanian-American myself, in this letter
to you I will describe the country that I was referring to in my
previous sentence as well as the economy of the country along with its
political situation and will try to convince you why this is a viable
choice for our company to expand to.

Albanian Geography and History

is a country located in the Balkan peninsula which is about the same
size as the state of Vermont. It borders Greece to the south, North
Macedonia to the east and Kosovo and Montenegro to the north. The
Albanian people have lived in this area ever since the middle ages and
they gained their independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1912. What
followed was a short-lived monarchy under King Zog which was overthrown
by the Fascist Italian invasion of 1939. In the few years that followed
Albania was occupied by the Axis powers and in 1945 after Albania was
liberated, a Communist government came into power established by Enver
Hoxha who came to rule Albania as the unchallenged dictator for the next
46 years. The transition from dictatorship to democracy that happened
in the early 1990’s, has proven challenging as successive governments
have tried to cope with high unemployment, widespread corruption,
organized crime networks and political opponents (“Albania Country
Review,” 2020). Since the country’s first pluralist elections in 1991,
Albania has maintained a parliamentary democracy. The Albanian
constitution provides the main institutional infrastructure for
democratic governance.

Albanian Political Situation

1997, the Albanian government headed by Prime minister Sali Berisha and
his Democratic Party which held the majority of seats in the Albanian
parliament collapsed. Sali Berisha had allowed financial institutions in
Albania which promised to the people who would invest their money into
these institutions, fantastic return of investment such as 100% per
year. Many unsuspecting Albanians invested their money into these
institutions only to find out later on that their invested money had
disappeared and the people who ran the institutions had fled Albania
with their invested money to Western European countries. The situation
in Albania deteriorated after many of the disgruntled citizens stormed
the army depos and took the law into their own hands. As the integrity
of the state institutions such as the police forces was severely
weakened, armed gangs sprang across all of Albania and started fighting
whatever was left of the government forces as well as each other for
control of the different cities of the country as well as the travel
routes. Many of these individuals who were leaders of the different
bands were the de-facto rulers of the cities that they held control
over. The situation eventually improved and in a couple of years the
rule of law was established and the turbulent times were over. For the
next several years the growth rate of the Albanian economy crossed the
5% mark until eventually stabilizing to 3% in 2009 (Warner, 2019).

country’s 2009 elections, however, represented a major drawback in
Albania’s march toward more democratic norms, as the results produced a
dangerous radicalization between opposition parties asking for an
investigation into alleged election fraud, and the governing majority
refusing their requests. The failure to investigate existing allegations
of corruption that involved current ministers shows the continued
collapse of an already weak rule of law (Warner, 2019). Still the
country is ranked by Freedom House as Partly Free therefore it is
possible to conduct business in Albania without much interference by the
government, in other words without having to pay bribes to government
officials in order to operate.

Albanian Economy

would like to also talk briefly about Albania’s economy and its status
as an emerging market over the last 30 years or so. The majority of the
Albanian economy is service based and agricultural with a significant
tourism sector that every year receives tourists from all around Europe
but mainly from Kosovo, Italy and Greece. The mild Mediterranean climate
prevalent in most of Albania especially in the western part of the
country makes it possible for the cultivation of many vegetables and
fruits. Important vegetables and fruits grown in Albania are olives,
figs, tomatoes, onions, cherries, apples, walnuts, chestnuts, hazelnuts,
lemons, oranges, pomegranates, pears, peaches, as well as grapes which
are used to make wine and also a drink similar to vodka which in the
local language is called “Raki”. Many peasants who live in the
countryside earn a living by working on their farms as well as by
raising goats, sheep, cows, chickens, pigs and other domesticated
animals which are used for their milk as well as meat. During Hoxha’s
regime all agriculture was collectivized and many peasants were forced
to work with one another on state property. The production of these
state-owned enterprises was controlled by the government and was
distributed to the general population by rations. The food distributed
was not a lot however it was enough for the majority of the population
to live a comfortable life. Today the Albanian economy despite of the
setback of the social instability of the late 90’s is more wealthy and
diversified. There is a growing construction sector which has built many
edifices in the capital of Tirana as well as in the smaller cities and
towns all across the country. Although the industrial sector is not very
well developed, the telecommunication industry has grown substantially
in the major urban areas of Albania. Moreover Albania has concluded Free
Trade Agreements (FTAs) with Macedonia, Croatia, Kosovo, Bulgaria,
Romania, Bosnia and Moldova. However the combined trade with all these
countries constitutes a small percentage of Albania’s trade, while trade
with EU member states (mainly Greece and Italy) accounts for nearly 68%
(“Background Notes on Countries of the world”, 2007). Today although
significant problems remain, the Albanian free-market is welcoming of
foreign investment and foreign companies operating into the country
therefore I strongly suggest you to look into expanding our enterprise’s
operations into this new lucrative market.

Albanian Culture

society is not particularly very diverse and this is common with the
other European nations sharing the Balkan peninsula. Albania is an
ethnically homogeneous society where ethnic Albanians make up around 90%
of the population. The rest of the minorities are mostly Greeks who
live in southern Albania close to the Greek border. The other minorities
are ethnic Roma people who are spread out in nearly every other
European country as well. 70% of the Albanians are Muslims who belong to
the Sunni sect of Islam. The rest are 10% Roman Catholic and 20% are
Eastern Orthodox. The Catholics live mostly in the north and the
Orthodox Christians live in the south. During Hoxha’s Stalinist regime
all religion was strictly forbidden and the pious Albanians could not
celebrate the holy days of their respective religions. There is no
reliable data on the number of Albanians who are agnostic or atheist but
there is reason to suspect that during the Communist regime as well as
the democracy that followed afterwards, the numbers of unbelievers has
grown. The Albanian language is an Indo-European language that has no
commonality to any other language in the region or in the European
continent. Albanian academics claim that Albanian was spoken by the
ancient Illyrians who were conquered by Rome however other nationals in
the Balkans dispute this. Many Latin as well as Turkish words have been
adopted into the Albanian language and some experts suggest that as much
as 70% of the language is constituted by foreign words. However the
base core of the language (30-40%) is Albanian and unique from any other
European language. There are two main dialects that are spoken in
Albania: the Geg dialect which is mainly spoken in the north and the
Tosk dialect which is spoken in the south. The Tosk dialect was made the
official dialect of the Albanian government by Enver Hoxha and has
remained so to this day. There are also variations of each of the
dialects such as Northern Geg which is spoken in North-eastern Albania
and Lab Tosk which is spoken in the South-west. Albanian culture
incorporates many aspects of other local cultures in the Balkans however
for example its music is heavily influenced by Turkish music. This is
not a surprise since Albania was part of the Ottoman Empire for nearly
five centuries. The folk music has certain variations just like the
language itself and one can tell the difference of traditional music
played in the north as opposed to that of the south. Just like in many
other countries in the region as well as other countries in Europe, pop
music both domestic and international, dominates the air-waves both in
TV as well as radio. The food and drink are also influenced by Greek and
Turkish cuisines. Desserts such as baklava, kadaif and tiramisu are
very popular throughout Albania. Turkish coffee is served at home and in
restaurants and clubs. Main course dishes such as Albanian pie
otherwise known as “byrek” are also very popular throughout Albania.


Albania Country Review. https://www.countrywatch.com, Countrywatch. 2020, Page 2

Warner, Alana (2019). Albania: Social, Economic, and Environmental Issues, New York : Nova Science Publishers. 2019, Page 35

Warner, Alana (2019). Albania: Social, Economic, and Environmental Issues, New York : Nova Science Publishers. 2019, Page 18

Background Notes on Countries of the World. http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/3235.htm, 2007, Page 5

Posted 3


To: Captain Thomas R. Buchanan, United States Navy, Commandant of Midshipmen

CC: General David H. Berger, Commandant of the Marine Corps

From: Executive Officer, Bravo Company

Date: July 10, 2020

Subject: Proposal to Service Academies on measuring body fat/weight

is the proposal for implementing methods of measuring body fat/weight
on-site at the Service Academies. The methods offer significant benefits
to all servicemen and women. These great benefits include measuring
weight, body fat mass, body water percentage, total body water mass, and
body mass index (Multi-frequency segmental body composition analyzer,

As months and years go by, the number of troops that are
diagnosed overweight and obese are trending upward. The method of
measuring body fat and current weight policy is outdated and inaccurate.
I am implementing methods for us as a team to help understand and
communicate effectively with our servicemen and women to better their
future in terms of appearance, good health, and physical fitness. This
proposal contains the research that will get rid of the stigma and
issues regarding body fat/weight in the military.

Thank you for
your time and consideration. I will follow up on Wednesday, July 15,
2020, after you have the time to review my proposal.


A Proposal Prepared for

General David H. Berger

Commandant of the Marine Corps

Prepared by

Executive Officer, Bravo Company

July 10, 2020


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY……………………………………………………………………4











purpose of the Military’s height and weight procedure and standards is
to select the servicemen and women that best suits the demands of
military service. Height and weight are not a new concept that just
started in the military. The current test conducted to measure body fat
composition has been used for hundreds of years. The United States Armed
Forces throughout history have shown that their physical
characteristics have been a significant factor in being successful. This
is not written down, we as servicemen and women understand when we
raise our right hand and state the oath that we represent everyone that
has come before us. When people think of the United States military,
they think the best of the best.

Schvey et al. (2017) states,
“weight stigma is associated with a host of harmful outcomes, including
increased caloric consumption, eating in secret, reluctance to diet,
binge eating, and increased risk of mortality” (p. 282). This proposal
discusses implementing The Tanita Body Composition Analyzer scale method
to measure body fat/weight to the United States Naval Academy, United
States Air Force Academy, and United States Military Academy West Point.
The improved process will be essential in ensuring that all members of
the military and physical fitness teams are involved. Since there are
already orders and policies in place, we will only be improving them to
see if this is something that we want to implement throughout the
military as a whole. The cost associated with the process improvement
will be minimal, and the timeframe should be quick since we will already
have access to all the resources. The Military will see immediate
improvements in the fitness, health, morale, and appearance of their
servicemen and women with this product.


the last several years, it is understood that the military cannot keep
relying on the way we measure height and weight. If we keep building on
this method of measuring height and weight, we will keep getting
unreliable data. Military Medicine states, “weight-related health care
costs are a burden to the Department of Defense. Weight misperceptions
may result in underestimating personal health risk associated with
weight gain and may lead to undesirable weight-related outcomes” (Clark
et al., 2017, p. e1797).

The Military should invest in the Tanita
Body Composition Analyzer scale and do testing at the service
academies. Our Military is struggling as a whole in this area, and the
issues need to be addressed quickly to show service members that leaders
care about their appearance, good health, and physical fitness.
Implementing this scale at the Service Academies will give us a chance
to prove that accurate data for our military men and women will help
them be aware of their appearance, body, health, and fitness. Our
Military needs an effective way to communicate health and fitness to our
servicemen and women, and this is it.


et al. (2017) discuss the Military’s pressure to meet standards that
encourage servicemen and women to pursue abnormal diet behaviors to
achieve weight and height requirements. A misunderstanding of the weight
status has led the Military to have men and women choose unhealthy
behaviors to lose weight (p. e1792-e1798). According to Defense Health
Agency data, “the number of troops medically diagnosed as overweight or
obese jumped from 71,168, or 4.5 percent of the total force in 2011, to
113,958, or 7.8 percent in 2015” (Copp, 2018, para. 14).

(Insert Figures 1 and 2 if approved)

1: Shows the amount of personnel that is in their respective branch.
The ability to see how large the Armed Forces is in respect to my other
graph will give the reader a better understanding of why I am proposing
the Tanita Composition Body Analyzer.

2: Data collected from the Military Times that states the percentage of
Military members that are currently obese. It will show how many
servicemen and women are presently obese per branch. This graph is
supposed to give the reader that this is a big problem. Each branch has
different standards, but with this obesity, numbers mean that they are
out of standard. I am proposing a method to help benefit the military
members to get accurate data to help get these numbers down and to help
with physical appearance, health, and fitness. The reader of this
proposal is the Naval Academy Service Commandant of Midshipmen and
Commandant of the Marine Corps. The Service Academies is a smaller
community, which is why I am proposing the scale to them. I am
attempting to inform the Commandant’s of both the Service Academies and
Marine Corps to show why this Tanita scale is an excellent tool to get

Height and weight standards will never go away. As a
whole, the Military will need to continue to update the policy and
standards. This consists of finding a new way to get our servicemen and
women a method that gets data that is accurate and beneficial to the


technology has evolved, research reveals that there are alternative
strategies to aid the military and its service members in improving
health, appearance, and fitness. Something stood out to me when
Heffernan (2020) talks about a way to test your body fat percentage.
Below is what Heffernan (2020) states, followed by my recommendation
with the Tanita scale.

  • Skinfold testing
      • Precisely what the Military does for their testing.
        • Pros:
          • Less than 5 minutes
        • Cons:
          • Room for error could either be 3.5% lower or higher than the number recorded (Heffernan, 2020, para. 7)

is hard for me to agree that this is the most effective method the

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