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Southwestern College Do You Have Free Will Discussion

Southwestern College Do You Have Free Will Discussion

Question Description

Homework 9~ Chapter FourPhilosophy 101: Introduction to Philosophy Do you have free will?1.   How do you understand free will2.   Do you think you have free will3.   What factors or influence impact your free will4.   Are you the master of your fate, why or why not5.   What are your thoughts on determinism: “The view that every event, including human actions is brought about by previous events in accordance with universal causal laws that govern the world. Human freedom is an illusion.” Are you a determinism? 6.   What are your thoughts on the Human Nature theory: “Human nature: “People are born with certain basic instincts that influence and determine how they behave.” Based on this view, the actions described earlier, whether “good” or “evil,” are no more than the natural expression of a universal nature that is genetically hardwired into every person”7.   What are your thoughts on the Environment theory: “The environment: “People are shaped by their environment, conditioned by their experiences to be the kind of people they are.” This explanation holds that behaviors are the direct products of the life experiences that people have. If the environment in which someone developed was deprived or abusive, then it follows that the person would act with little regard for the rights or lives of others.”8.   What are your thoughts on the Psychological force theory: “Psychological forces: “People are governed by psychological forces, many of them unconscious, that cause them to think, feel, and act in certain ways?” Based on this point of view, the actions described earlier are the direct result of deep psychological impulses that have been formed by people’s earliest relationships and experiences. Although these people may think they are choosing to do the things they are, in reality they are puppets manipulated by unseen psychological strings.”9.   What are your thoughts on the social dynamic theory: “Social dynamics: “People are social creatures who are greatly influenced by the people around them.” The need to conform to the prevailing norms, to be accepted by peer groups, to please those who are close to them, to obey those in positions of authority—these and other social needs determine people’s behavior and define who they are as individuals.”10. What are your thoughts on compatibilism “The view that all events, including human actions, are caused? However, we can consider human actions free if they are the result of internal motivations, not the product of external influences or constraints.” Are you a compatibilist? 11. What are your thoughts on indeterminism: “The view that some events, including human actions, are not necessarily determined by previous events in accordance with universal causal laws.” Are you an indeterminist?

12. What are your thoughts on libertarianism: “Libertarianism The view that humans are able to make authentically free choices that are not determined by previous events in accordance with universal causal laws, that there is a meaningful sense that though we made one choice, we”13. Can freedom and responsibility be taught? Most people are taught to take responsibility for their actions at an early age. But some parents stress the importance of thinking independently, while others stress following authority. How might your background affect your beliefs about free will and responsibility?14. What are your thoughts on John Stuart Mills view: “Given the motives which are present to an individual’s mind, and given likewise the character and disposition of the individual, the manner in which he will act might be unerringly inferred; that if we knew the person thoroughly, and knew all the inducements which are acting upon him, we could foretell his conduct with as much certainty as we can predict any physical event. . . . No one who believed that he knew thoroughly the circumstances of any case, and the characters of the different persons concerned, would hesitate to foretell how all of them would act “15. What are your thoughts on d’Holbach’s view: “The keystone of d’Holbach’s view is that we are inextricably “connected to universal nature” and so are subject to the “necessary and immutable laws that she imposes on all the beings she contains?” In other words, when we consider the natural order, it is clear that humans are woven into the fabric of the universe with countless threads. We fit into the natural world along with all other living beings. And because we assume that all other dimensions of the universe, both physical and biological, are subject to causal laws that necessarily define their natures and relationships, it only makes sense to include ourselves in this natural causal system”16. Of these constraints, which one or both do you think may impact you the most: “External constraints External forces that limit human freedom, such as incarceration, threats, or coercion. Internal constraints Limits on freedom that are within the individual such as compulsions, obsessions, or uncontrolled anxiety”

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