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Santa Monica College Which of These Philosophical Descartes and Conway Prepares Us for Repairing World Discussion

Santa Monica College Which of These Philosophical Descartes and Conway Prepares Us for Repairing World Discussion

Question Description

Discussion Question

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Answer minimum 400 words

a. Primary Question

Descartes and Conway — Descartes is a Dualist, mind/body problem, and Conway is a Monist, and thinks created beings are sparks of light, vitalistic spirits. Which of these philosophical frameworks best prepares us for repairing our fractured world, our hyperpolarized communities. Why? How? In the process of knowing and loving thyself and thy neighbor, how might Descartes and/or Conway, contribute to healing our local and global communities?

b. Optional – Apply Fascism and “The Devil’s Backbone.”

The Devil’s Backbone takes place during Spain’s hyperpolarized culture that gave way to fascism. Is the US in a similar situation now? How might a return to love unite us to save our democracy? Also, in The Devil’s Backbone, there is much bullying that ultimately becomes a united front, friendships between the young men that overcomes corruption. What does this suggest about friendship, love, community, and Descartes’s ‘good sense’ that one uses to decide right from wrong? Or Conway’s notion of making corrections in our relationships with other people be it past lives of the present? You may take your answers in whatever direction that interests you as long as it is respectful.

JACOB student 1

Reply Thought minimum 250 words

Much can be learned from Rene Descartes that can prove to help and repair the world today. Descartes speaks of what we can know and how much there is for us to doubt in the world we live in. Although Descartes doubtful methods may seem over the top to sum, I’d argue that all doubt is healthy as it gives rise to new questions previously unthought of. People need to ask questions if they are to probably make judgments about the world and make a positive difference. How are we to attempt at rebuilding our society and abolishing its flaws if we cannot have our questions answered or recognize that they cannot be answered? Descartes has established that we that think in his legendary quote, “I think therefore I am.”, but claims that making assumptions relying upon our perception is a path on which we can be deceived. If we learn to reassess our perceptions and personal bias as Descartes recommends not only will we grow closer to finding truth in a world where we could be deceived but also discern the proper path to go down as a society and world. Just as Socrates was in favor of asking questions because of mind-opening power of wisdom, Descartes’ principles force us to widen our minds even further. The more we ask questions the more we learn and according to Socrates, the more we learn, the more empathetic we become. If there is one thing America needs it is empathy. Through the pursuit of knowledge and healthy and justified doubt we push ourselves to improve. We not only become more empathetic but also more capable of locating issues built into our society. Through healthy inquiry we may learn more about COVID-19, Systemic Racism, and what is best for all of us. Descartes’ principles prove that doubt is a powerful way to pursue knowledge and knowledge may be the cure for the ailments of the world.

ERNEST student 1

Reply Thought minimum 250 words

  • In my opinion the philosophical framework that might help prepare us for repairing our fractured world is Conway’s monist philosophy. She describes the imperfectability of the third being “Creatures.” (Man). If we accept this premise then we might be better to work with our neighbors in these hyper-polarized times. Maybe it would make it a bit easier to work on many issues for better or for worse. We can maybe learn from our adversities ( as well as our adversaries) through personal suffering and experience ( “Pathei Mathos”). I believe her quote ” God made all tribes and troops of creatures of one blood. so that they would love one another and would be bound by the same sympathy and would help one another.” Though let us also remember her explanation of perfectibility where we can rise to the level of angels in that everything is spirit. We are much more a like than we are different . Something to remember in the current political atmosphere. Her Kahballah beliefs such that we are all either moving forwards of backwards is important also. We should always meditation / focus to move forwards. Love one another as a fellow creatures of spirited light and energy.

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