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Push and Pull Between Competing and Cooperating Research

Push and Pull Between Competing and Cooperating Research

Question Description


In light of COVID19, please discuss the push and pull between competing and cooperating in terms of dealing with COVID19 and creating a cure and vaccine for COVID19. Assume that you are the prominent executive of an influential pharmaceutical company and a leader of non-profit organization with a significant impact for serving society and humanity. Please explore this research from the perspective that you have an impact on your company, non-profit organization, professional community, state, country, and the world. Your discussion should cover (1) the ethical and the business tension between competing and cooperating strategies, (2) the attitude of individuals, firms, cities, states, and countries related to this tension, and (3) the benefit for your company and non-profit organization in the short and longs terms.


please cite your sources appropriately and list your used references at the end of the paper. At any point, if I want to see your source, I can see it.

You do not have to do it manually, let word work for you and make this part of your writing routine; you can thank me later for this advice as you work on your dissertation. Here are two videos that teach you how to do it correctly and with minimum effort than the manual way:

Adding Citations & References Using MS Word (Links to an external site.)Adding Citations & References Using MS Word

APA Referencing Guide and how to use the Word Referencing Tool (Links to an external site.)APA Referencing Guide and how to use the Word Referencing Tool

Here are some points that I would like to bring to your attention

  • Please watch the video about citing and referencing your sources easily and correctly.
  • Please read the research paper statement and respond to what is requested; if it is not clear, ask me to clarify.
  • When you introduce an acronym for the first time, spill it out
  • Try as much as possible to add the dimension of the WHY and the HOW of an issue in addition to the WHAT dimension.
  • For reasons you and I know, please refrain from direct political statement unless it is essential and you elaborated on the justifications for this opinion. We all definitely have the freedom of speech, and we can and should exercise it. However, we are technical professional, and we write should be neutral and fact based as much as possible. Our credibility as technical professional is critical.
  • You need to cite your sources and add captions to your graphs, and reference the figure in your text. Also, if you use a table, you need to treat it the same way.
  • When you express your recommendations, please be realistic in your recommendations so you do not make recommendations that conflict international/national/local laws. If you have to do so for very strong reason, elaborate on how would convince the affected party to cooperate that it is for their best interest to do so. Some of you recommended extensive level surveillance and monitoring in foreign countries, which violate the independence of these countries and their people. If you want to that, you have convince them that this is their best interest. The people of country X will put the interest of their country over the interest of the US and Europe any and every day of the week rightfully and correctly.
  • You should not present new ideas in the conclusion section that was not presented in the body of the paper.
  • Remember that the epidemiologists/technical professionals are not the decision makers, but the elected politicians are the decision makers. You need to see the interest of the elected politicians and address them so they listen to you. We as technical professionals get our authority from our credibility and ability to communicate and explain our professional recommendations.
  • You should not copy something verbatim from a source unless it is critical that you take as it is. In this case, you need to quote it correctly according to the APA writing guidelines.
  • We all wish that china declared the virus once the Wuhan doctors identified it as a new virus with easy transmission from person to person. However, please remember that this was new virus required very painful actions (forced quarantine, lock down, economic freeze, disturbed lives, etc.) to combat it. Any responsible person would have to confirm and verify that the needed actions are actually needed. It took China some time to reach this point, and when they did, they took very strong fighting actions and measure that the western media laughed at and ridiculed. Remember how the media covered locking down the city of Wuhan (a city of 20 million) and then another larger district. The whole world watched that and complained about the dictatorship. I am not defending China; China definitely made some mistakes, but we need to be realistic in our criticism see it from their perspective and the information available at this point of time.

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