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Purdue University Global Science Meets Real Life Presentation

Purdue University Global Science Meets Real Life Presentation

Question Description

Migrating existing applications
and teams to the cloud is not always a simple task. In this Assessment,
you will enter a scenario that will require technical leadership and
expertise to enable a successful migration of a Web application to the

You were recently hired by a startup organization to lead a
team responsible for the key technology product. Currently, the
application is a multi-tiered Web application hosted on servers on-site.
The product was recently launched and received a lot of press
attention. The application user-base is growing and the on-site server
cannot keep up. Your responsibility is to recommend a migration plan to
the cloud.

The application consists of the following components:

  • A RESTful API that is used by the Web application, an IOS application, and an Android application
  • A Web application
  • A folder the holds user images that are private and public
  • A MySQL database

Part 1

A. Begin
your report with a recommendation with more than one technology for
each of the technological approaches to the cloud migration. Your
recommendation should be in a 2–4 page APA paper that answers the
following questions and concerns:

1. Which cloud provider would you recommend and why?

2. What tools or technologies would you use to host the RESTful API? Would you use a load balancer?

3. What tools or technologies would you use to host the Web application? Would you use a load balancer?

4. What tools or technologies would you use to host the image files?

5. What tools or technologies would you use to host the MySQL database?

6. What monitoring solutions would you use to ensure the application is healthy and performant?

7. What DevOps technologies would you recommend to ensure an agile and adaptive infrastructure?

questions 2­–7, ensure you recommend more than one specific technology.
Remember that your diverse team will be responsible for managing and
maintaining these tools and technologies. Throughout your report,
identify at 3 tools or technology that will have a challenging learning
curve and your recommendation for overcoming those challenges.

B. You
must also consider how your migration to the cloud may impact your
out-sourced teams. In the same document as your cloud migration plan,
write 1–2 additional pages that explains how your migration would impact
the culturally diverse teams in India and Belarus.

Answer these two questions:

1. What are at least more than two cultural differences or considerations for each location that may impact your recommendation?

Given the cultural differences you have found, how would you act as a
change-agent and overcome any potential conflicts to ensure you have
complete agreement from your out-sourced teams?

For this part of
your Assessment, you should do research on the internet or in the
library to determine the cultural differences or considerations that
will come into play and how a change agent might seek solution to
potential conflicts that might occur. Provide more than two references.

Part 2

Scenario: You have agreed to take care of your friend’s dog; Buddy, while she goes on a trip to Antarctica. On your two-hour trip to take your friend to the airport you get so caught up talking about her upcoming adventure that you do not have any time to ask questions about her new dog (Buddy) who is riding in the backseat. After you drop your friend off, just in time to catch her flight, you drive the two hours back home and realize that your friend accidentally took the dog’s bag with her when she ran into the airport. You realize that you do not have access to your friend’s house and cannot contact her. It is a new dog so there is no one else you can contact that knows its normal routine. You stop at the local pet store and ask the salesperson to help you pick out food and supplies to take care of Buddy for the next few weeks. They send you home with a bag of salmon and potato dry dog food, a few toys, and a dog bed. When you get home you put some of the dog food in a plastic bowl that you had been using to store oranges and lemons. You offer this to Buddy but he refuses to eat his dinner. This puts you in a little bit of a panic since your friend is on a long flight and will then be on a ship to Antarctica so contacting her will be difficult. You take a deep breath and decide that you can try to solve this problem on your own.

A template is provided below to get you started. Additional slides should be added to address all the questions in this assignment and cite your sources. You are welcome to modify this template to suit your needs, being sure to meet the assignment requirements. Make sure your PowerPoint ® presentation addresses the following questions.

  • What are the steps of the scientific method? List them out and provide a short description in your own words of what happens during each step.
  • To collect your data, read through the scenario carefully and on a slide provide a list of everything that you know about the situation with Buddy.
  • Create a testable hypothesis for why Buddy is not eating that is consistent with the data in the scenario: i.e., Buddy is not eating because I did not buy the type of dog food that he is used to. Indicate which pieces of evidence you used to develop your hypothesis.
  • Outline how you would set up an experiment to test the following hypothesis: Buddy is not eating because I did not buy the type of dog food that he is used to.
    • Do some research on independent and dependent variables. Identify the independent and dependent variables in your experiment.
    • List three things that you should keep constant (the same) during your experiment so that they don’t influence the outcome of your experiment.
      • The results of your experiment supported your hypothesis.
      • The results of your experiment did not support your hypothesis.
  • Explain what you would do in the following two situations:
    • You know you can contact your friend at some point soon but only for a short time. What three testable questions would you want to ask her to help support or disprove the proposed hypothesis?
    • Your neighbor comes over to help out with Buddy and poses the following hypothesis: Buddy won’t eat because he feels that his owner is unlucky when she travels and may get hurt. Is this a testable hypothesis? If so, please explain how you would test it. If not please explain why it is not testable in the context of the scientific method.

Information provided on the slides should be brief and bulleted. In the notes section, you must include all of your talking points – exactly as you would present them to your audience. Remember, you want to tell the story during the presentation rather than having your audience reading your slides along with you during the entire presentation. The Academic Success Center’s Writing Center has an excellent resource on

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