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PSY 101 Diablo Valley College Course Letter Paper

PSY 101 Diablo Valley College Course Letter Paper

Question Description

  • Please open the attached file and read the directions for your paper.
  • I suggest you print the directions and check off everything to make sure you did it all correctly before submitting.
  • You will need to upload your file (in .doc, .docx, or .pdf format ONLY) into Turn It In (which is the plagiarism check server for Canvas) when you are done. You should see it below. If you have any issues with figuring out how to do this, please contact me. (Please take a look now, so you have time to ask before the due date.)
  • Do your own work.
  • Remember to submit 24-hours early in order to avoid any potential, unexpected, last-minute problems.
  • If you do encounter a problem, be sure you email me a copy of your work immediately.
  • I look forward to reading your papers!

Psy-101 Course “Letter Style” PaperYour Assignment: Please read the directions carefully, and ask if you have questions. You will be writing a formal letter for your paper in this course. The letter should explain and react to material from the course in an interesting, individual way (which is described in more detail below). Address the letter to a friend, parent, or relative, and make that person (not the psychology professor) the audience for the letter. It should be written in your own voice (Use first person: “I,” “my family,” etc.) and style. For the assignment, I want you to discuss three different topics (from three different chapters) that were the most interesting, most disappointing, most surprising, or whatever things were most valuable to you since the beginning of the semester. The topics you pick should be ones that you can apply to your life in some way in the paper.As part of this, you must thoroughly describe each topic so your reader can understand them well. Assume this person has no knowledge of the topic at all. When you write this portion for each of the three topics, you MUST reference your text or other course materials you are referring to. You may need to reference elsewhere, but you MUST reference here because you did not come up with this stuff on your own. You should use your own words as much as possible to paraphrase the book. (By the way, when you paraphrase, you must provide an APA style reference in text and at the end of your work in the references section. When you use your own words, you do not need a page number.) For this paper, you should avoid quoting, but use quotations if you do end up having to quote. (If you do quote, you will need to include the page number in addition to the other reference in text and in the reference section.) You absolutely must reference properly.YOU SHOULD ONLY REFERENCE THE TEXT AND OTHER COURSE MATERIALS. DO NOT GO OUTSIDE OF THESE FOR THIS PAPER.After describing a particular topic, you will discuss specifically what was interesting (disappointing, surprising, etc.) to you, explain why it interested (disappointed, surprised, etc.) you so much, and discuss how it applies to your own experience. Please be sure you tie it into your own life in a clear and interesting way. Use APA style references in this portion if you need to. Please follow this format for the paper:1) Introduction paragraph where you acquaint the letter reader (your friend, mother, etc.) with the purpose of the letter, greet them, etc. 2) A paragraph (or more) thoroughly describing and defining TOPIC 1. 3) A paragraph (or more) telling what you found interesting, surprising, etc. and how you applied it to your life for TOPIC 1. 4) A paragraph (or more) defining and describing TOPIC 2. 5) A paragraph (or more) telling what you found interesting, surprising, etc. and how you applied it to your life for TOPIC 2. 6) A paragraph (or more) thoroughly describing and defining TOPIC 3.7) A paragraph (or more) telling what you found interesting, surprising, etc. and how you applied it to your life for TOPIC 3. 8) A conclusion paragraph. 9) A closing like “Sincerely,” “Love,” etc. and write your name.

If your letter is less than eight or nine paragraphs it is likely too short for you to have NOT thoroughly covered the material. There is no page number or word number requirement for this paper, but you need to cover the assignment to do well.Things to avoid:Please do not simply make a rambling list of things in the course you learned about. Discuss three topics. First, discuss each topic in detail, and then apply each in detail to your life. Sometimes students make the mistake of trying to write a letter where they write all sorts of things like they would in a normal letter and then simply toss in some (or a bunch of!) vocabulary terms in the context of the letter. Please do not so this.Be sure you demonstrate that you thought about the assignment carefully, that you understood the material you were learning about (and can convey that in your writing), and that you make it interesting to read. If you are vague and/or casual about the material, you will NOT earn a good grade. You should think about this as a formal paper assignment that is presented in a letter format. The letter should be written using college-level writing and analysis. Grading:The paper will be graded on three main dimensions, each receiving roughly equal weight:-Factual/conceptual content: You should demonstrate that you have thought deeply about the material, you understand it, and you can apply it to your own interests, reactions, and experiences. I want you to demonstrate that you can explain the material clearly and accurately to someone who knows nothing about it. -Interest/originality: Your letter should be fun to read and should be creative and original. It should demonstrate depth of understanding for the topics you selected as this will make it more interesting and will give me the opportunity to learn something about you. Really think carefully about the examples from your life you discuss.-Grammar/editing/structure: Your letter should be easy to read and organized, with appropriate transitions and paragraphs. For instance, be sure you use topic sentences in your paragraphs. (Think of a topic sentence like a promise. The topic sentence promises what the entire paragraph will be about.) Please spell check your work and edit it before submitting it.Be sure you use proper grammar and punctuation! This is meant to be a formal letter, not a casual email. As such, do not be extremely casual in your language. Do not use emoticons (For example: ). Do not use contractions. (For instance, write out “did not” rather than the contraction “didn’t.”) Do not say things like, “It sucked,” “She was lame,” “He was a hard ass.” These are all casual; think of another way to say the same thing. Indent new paragraphs. In addition, you must use APA style citations properly or you will fail the assignment. See the videos I provide on citing if you need help, then ask me. Length, Spacing & Formatting:I will not require a specific length, but know that a typical letter includes at least 9 paragraphs and is about 3 typed, single-spaced pages with double spacing between paragraphs. You must make it long enough to do the assignment completely and thoroughly. Do not drag it out simply to make it appear longer.

Make it look like a real letter. Put the date at the top and start it with “Dear . . .” and sign a closing (e.g. Sincerely, ______) and your name at the end. Please use single spacing within paragraphs with double-spacing between paragraphs. This makes it look more letter-like.Academic Honesty: You must do your own work in your own words! DO NOT paraphrase anyone else’s work from anywhere without referencing and do not copy work without using quotes and properly referencing in APA style. If you do this, you will receive an “F” on the assignment and in the course and will be referred to the Dean of Student Services for further disciplinary action.Here are the referencing expectations: You will use the text and any other course materials to reference for this paper. DO NOT GO OUTSIDE OF THESE MATERIALS. When you use the text (or any other materials) as a reference, you need to provide a citation in APA style, just like you would in any other paper. You must provide an in-text citation AND a full citation at the end, just like in a normal paper. You must use quotes and give page numbers if you are not using your own words, just like in a normal paper. If, for some reason, you use information that comes from outside of your text (which you should not generally do), this must be properly referenced as well, even if you do not quote the material directly. You have to do this so I can see where you are getting any additional information. If you need help, ask me if you use sources outside of the text, and I will help you understand how to do this properly. Again,I do not want you to, expect you to, or recommend that you use any references outside of your text, but occasionally students need to refer to something when they are discussing their reactions to a topic.Hints: Mail or email a copy to the person you wrote it to when you are done.Ask me if you are not sure about anything.I hope you enjoy the assignment

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