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POLSC 111 SUNY Socioeconomic Rights & Collective Rights of Groups Questions

POLSC 111 SUNY Socioeconomic Rights & Collective Rights of Groups Questions

Question Description

This assignment has two parts to it that are completely separate.

Part 1 –

Here is the first part discussion questions based on two documentaries, Prostitutes of God, and A Kind of Childhood:

Quickly skim through chapters 7, 8, 10 and 11 to familiarize yourself with the central ideas on Human Security.

The textbook to skim these chapters which can be reached at: https://wwnorton.com/books/9780393675191

Using the following login information:

Username: jsattler@udel.edu

Password: Bethany416!

Answer these questions as a discussion response.

1. Based on your review of the documentaries and especially the treatment of women and children, which rights do you think should have priority? Political-civil rights? Socioeconomic rights? Collective-rights of groups? Why?

2. As a woman or a young person whose human rights are violated, what recourse or options do you have to address your plight?

3. As a leader of a fictional country, what solutions or policies would you propose to help resolve the issues highlighted in the documentaries? Identify the issues

React to the following post based on the same questions provide good response and use person’s name start off reaction with Hello Grace,

  • After watching the documentaries, seeing how young women are treated in certain parts of India and how children must work in Bangladesh, it is important to prioritize political-civil rights. The devadasi documentary briefly showcased the deeply embedded caste system, and being born into a low-level caste meant being offered low-level jobs for life. Often this has to do with skin color. While a system that has existed for thousands of years cannot be abolished, it is noted that people of lesser wealth should not have to turn to other means to make money for their families. Female children should not have to be a burden, and people should not have to turn their heads when walking into town in fear because they are of a different caste. Socioeconomic rights are just as important, however. When the young boy in Bangladesh had to leave school and work full-time, he aged rapidly. His dream at the beginning of the documentary was to pursue school; however, he had to provide for his family, and while still a teenager, he was rapidly sick because of work and wanted to move back home. This documentary portrayed a very important message, that school systems needed to improve. At the beginning, we see a shot of children learning math; however, when they check back awhile later, they say they are learning nothing of value, and that school is just a place to do chores and a pathway to go to work. Education is 100% a main priority, as children cannot have the stress of carrying a whole family on their back; whether it be from driving a tempo or being a devadasi.
  • As a young woman, my main rights would include equal wages and safety in my community. This, of course, would have to be dealt with on a local level, either state or community. New York State has done relatively well with the wage gap compared to other US states; Governor Cuomo had a 2019 Women’s Justice Agenda and a salary history ban took effect on 6 January 2020. As for personal safety in each community, it is important to keep certain issues in the public eye, or when budgets and funding are low.
  • There are many issues highlighted in the documentaries. Economically, there is a large division between wealthy and poor. Impoverished children have to work long hours to feed their families, disregarding education, and female children can be a burden. Women’s rights are almost nowhere to be seen. HIV can be transmitted through sex work. Socially, children working has/will be the norm. As a leader of a fictional country, I would find it beneficial to have a large NGO base in my country, as Bangladesh does, as they can be largely helpful and rights-based, while their influence might take some time. Working in and with IGOs would be equally important, to treaties regarding human rights and the environment.
  • Part 2 –
  • Using same textbook Read chapter 11, pages 409 – 417 (Health – Protecting Individuals In the Global Commons) and watch the Frontline PBS documentary (Virus). Respond to the following questions in an essay format.1. Evaluate (a critical review or judge) the role played by Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOS) in global Health (pages 409 – 416). 1 page.
  • 2. Do you think Human Security issues such as COVID-19 have decreased the leading role traditionally played by States (countries) and State Sovereignty and increased the primacy of IGOs like WHO? 0.75 – 1 page
  • 3. Summarize contending perspectives (viewpoints) of the three main theories — realists (Realism), liberals (Liberalism), and constructivists (Constructivism) — on Health (pg 416 -417) – 0.5 page
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