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Park University Ethical Nonethical Companies Presentation

Park University Ethical Nonethical Companies Presentation

Question Description

This question is broken into two assignments. One is a paper and the company will be Kroger which is my unethical company. The PowerPoint will be about Best Buy as my ethical company.

Guidelines for the Core Assessment Presentation

For the second half of the core assessment in this course, you have to prepare a multimedia presentation about a company and its ethical or unethical practices. (If you did your paper on an unethical company, you should do this presentation on an ethical company and vice-versa.)

Multimedia presentations don’t have to be PowerPoint presentations. But since everyone needs to be able to view your presentation in this course I’m asking you to make a PowerPoint presentation. The presentation should cover it exactly the same areas with the same structure that the paper has: first you should present about what the company does and it’s history, second you should write about the incident that you believe makes the company ethical or unethical, and third you should analyze the incident and tell us what makes it ethical or unethical. Finally, for a good company, you should present on how the ethical practice, policy, or program(s) can be spread to other companies and/or industries. For a bad company, you should present on how to prevent the unethical incident from happening again (or happening in the first place).

Since this is an online course, of course you won’t be presenting to a physical classroom. But you’re not just handing in a PowerPoint presentation either. You should devise some way of leading your audience from slide to slide. The easiest way to do that is to use PowerPoint’s “Narration” feature that let’s you talk a little bit about each slide as you’re going through it. Read more about how to use that feature here: http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/powerpoint-help/… (Links to an external site.) .

Here are some additional suggestions for your presentation:

  • It should be 4-7 minutes long.
  • It should feature text and images.
  • It should include your references on the last slide.
  • It should include narration that illustrates and expands on the information in your slides.
  • It should all be in your own words. Just like a paper, taking information from the web and presenting it without quotes or citations as your own words constitutes plagiarism and failure for the course.

Accomplishing this technical task will result in an acceptable PowerPoint presentation, but not necessarily a good one. Here are some guidelines for creating a good PowetPoint presentation:

  • Don’t cram tons of text onto a slide; 3-4 bullet points is a good guide.
  • Don’t use scary/flashy/annoying transitions between slides unless you really know what you’re doing.
  • Do rehearse your presentation a couple of times.
  • Do not read straight from your slides.
  • Try to make the information in your presentation come from the commentary on your slides, not the slides themselves.

Here are some more good tips:http://www.43folders.com/2007/08/23/better-presentations

Guidelines for the Core Assessment Paper

How do I write the paper for this course?

By the time you start working on the paper, you’ll (hopefully) have read many case studies of business ethics topics in the course. For the paper, you’ll be writing a case study of your own on an ethical issue in business and then writing an ethical analysis of the case. If you chose a company that did something good for your presentation, you should do your paper on a company that did something bad, or vice-versa.

So, the first half of the paper should be dedicated to the description of the case itself. What is the business that got itself into trouble, or did something great? What does the business do to make money? What happened? Who was affected? Try to be as detailed as possible and as unbiased as possible in telling the story.

The second half of the paper should consist of two parts:

First, you should analyze the case from an ethical point of view. If the case is about something horribly unethical, try to dig in and discuss what was unethical about it, how the unethical behavior was allowed to come about, and what other options were available. Defend your claim that the behavior was unethical. If you’re writing about something gone horribly right, do it from the other side. Say what makes the case great and ethical.

Second, you should give some recommendations and advice on how to repair the ethical problem in the business (if possible, if not, how it could have been prevented is fine) or how to spread the ethical success to other companies and industries.

Thus, if you’re writing an eight page paper, four pages will be describing the case, two will analyze it from an ethical point of view, and two will give recommendations for solving the problem or promoting the good acts. Those are the main parts I’ll be looking for, and I’ll complain in comments if you don’t have them all.

Are there things I should avoid doing in this paper?

Yes. 1) No quotations, please. If you use evidence or data from somewhere else, you must cite it, but I expect the evidence and/or date to be summed up in your own words. 2) If you use information from another source, you must cite the source. I don’t mind what citation style you use, but do cite it.

The paper should be relatively free of grammatical and spelling mistakes. We all miss one here and there, but it’s important to proofread your work. Also, please spell the names of your company correctly. Spellcheck won’t necessarily catch that and it shows a lack of attention to details.

What file format should I submit the paper in?

Either Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format, or Rich Text Format (.rtf). Do not use Microsoft Works’ native file format or PDF. I love PDF, but I need to have the documents in one of these two Word-readable formats so that I can use Word’s commenting feature. I wish I didn’t have to use Word’s commenting feature. It’s ugly. But as far as I know, it’s the only kid on the block. Please, please correct me if I’m wrong and there’s something better out there!

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