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Mesa Community College The Monsters Within Essay

Mesa Community College The Monsters Within Essay

Question Description

This week we are starting our final project (Project 3) which is a
research essay. The topic of this unit is monsters (real and imagined)
and how they function in society. If working on this research
papers on monsters (real or imaginary) is triggering or difficult to
work with, please notify me as I have an alternate prompt that I can
discuss with you.

Because much of our work in the first two units of this course
was spent discussing race and culture, we will be analyzing monsters
through the lens of race and culture and how monsters represent the

First, let’s go over the due dates of the essay before we consider the prompt.

  • Draft for Peer Review Due: Wednesday 8/5 by 11:59pm
  • Final Draft Due: Sunday, 8/9 by 11:59pm

Step 1: Review the Prompt.

Essay: Using a Text as a Lens (Synthesis)


  • Use all phases of the writing process to create a largely error free
    essay, understand and use an academic article to analyze an element of
    culture, research, synthesize, integrate, and contextualize multiple
    outside sources (through quotations, paraphrasing, and summary) with
    their own voice, analysis, or position, while avoiding plagiarism.
    Employ a variety of organizational patterns to support or advance
    central ideas (theses/claims).

Minimum Length

  • 6-10 pages

Prompt: Your
goal is to argue whether or not Cohen’s theses are valid – that this
argument is or is not an effective way of analyzing society’s
understanding of race and culture through the monsters it engenders.

Your thesis can either use first person POV language, ie. I agree/I
disagree with Cohen… or you can use third person POV language, ie. Cohen
is successful/Cohen is unsuccessful…

Successful essays will do this by:

  • Including an introduction that draws in the reader, briefly
    introduces Cohen and the topic of your essay, and has a clear thesis
    that states your argument and signals a plan for the essay.
  • Creating a literature review that establishes and
    explains Cohen’s theories in a body paragraph. Summarize his main
    argument, claims, and evidence. Discuss his ideas as if you were
    explaining them to someone who was unfamiliar with the text. Your lit
    review will also include rhetorical analysis on intended audience, tone,
    and purpose. In your literature review, remember you must cover Thesis 1
    and 4. Remember to add to the literature review the parts of Cohen you
    have written down on the “Breaking Down Cohen” Worksheet.
  • Finding at least three different monsters of your own
    to prove or disprove Cohen’s theses through the lens of culture and
    race. (You may also focus on three different interpretations of the same
    monster. Example: Zombies from Night of the Living Dead 1968, Zombieland 2009, and Warm Bodies
    2013). You could use movie monsters, TV monsters, literary monsters,
    mythical or fairy tale monsters, and/or real, historical monsters. The
    choice is yours. This section of the paper will be where you include
    your outside sources to strengthen your analysis.

    • Consider any of the movies or texts we have watch or read so far for your monsters.
  • Including at least three outside sources to
    strengthen your argument. The three sources must be in addition to
    Cohen’s chapter – find a mix of peer reviewed and popular sources that
    support your analysis of the monsters and society. Don’t just rely on
    your interpretations and opinions – find others who agree with you! Your
    outside sources should be connected to your monsters in that they
    support your understanding of the monsters you have chosen.

    • Look for these outsides sources through Mesa’s Library
    • If you need help finding outside sources that fit these requirements, please contact me.
    • Feel free to also use any of the readings, podcasts, and TED Talks I have already assigned or posted for this paper as well.
  • Including vivid and specific details when describing the monsters you have chosen, and tie your examples to Cohen’s theses.
  • Synthesizing by combing information from different sources to inform and support a greater understanding of your argument.
  • Finishing with a conclusion that restates your thesis, reviews your
    body paragraphs, and a final though, prediction, piece of advice,
    something you learned or realized or the answer to a question you posed

Suggested Formats for Your Essay

By Monster Format
Paragraph 1: Introduction
Paragraph 2: Literature Review
Paragraph 3: Monster 1
Paragraph 4: Monster 2
Paragraph 5: Monster 3
Paragraph 6: Conclusion

  • You may have one or more paragraph per monster.
  • This format is a better choice if you are using different or more than one of the theses per monster.
  • This format is also a better choice if you are choosing three different types of the same monster.

By Theses (Cohen’s) Format
Paragraph 1: Introduction
Paragraph 2: Literature Review
Paragraph 3: Cohen’s Thesis
Paragraph 4: Cohen’s Thesis
Paragraph 6: Conclusion.

  • This format is a better choice if you have different monsters that prove the same thesis.

Words to Use in Your Synthesis Paper


  • affirms
  • argues
  • confirms
  • contends
  • denies
  • disagrees
  • believes
  • concedes
  • insists
  • rejects
  • responds
  • emphasizes


  • adds
  • reveals
  • states
  • mentions
  • finds
  • verifies


  • alleges
  • warns
  • advises
  • admits
  • complains
  • holds
  • predicts
  • proposes
  • acknowledges
  • speculates
  • suggests

Step Two: Read the Sample Essay.

Now, let’s look at an essay written by
a student in a previous class of mine who scored a perfect score on a
similar assignment. The focus of her essay was Godzilla in three
Godzilla movies. (Heads up, for this essay she covers more of Cohen’s
theses than we will be working with.)

Essay 4 Sample Student Essay.pdf

Step Three: Answer the following questions.

  1. Do you have any questions for me about the prompt?
  2. Do you have any anxiety or confusion over completing this writing task to the best of your ability?

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