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Jaipur National University Leadership and Change in Organizations Paper

Jaipur National University Leadership and Change in Organizations Paper

Question Description

Please answer below 3 question

Topic: Employee trust

  1. (7-10 pages of content – exclusive of title and reference pages) on a topic TOPIC “Employee trust” regarding This paper is expected to show academic scholarship, both in content and presentation. The paper should be formatted to APA, contain a reference list of at least five sources with in-text citations throughout the paper, be free of plagiarism, grammar, and spelling errors. The paper should have a title page, abstract, an introductory section, a literature review of current journal articles or studies that have been accomplished in the topic area, and a conclusion section.headings to separate ideas within the paper, proper spacing, formatting (one inch margins and Times New Roman (or similar), 12 point font), and a reference page (APA format).

The following links can assist you with APA formatting:



2) Please upload Research Paper Reference page (in APA format – minimum of 5 sources)

3) Prepare a PowerPoint presentation (minimum of 20 slides) to present your Research Paper .


Tips for Effective PowerPoint Presentations
Preparing Your Slides:
• Presentation Design
1. Don’t overload your slides with too much text or data.
2. Let the picture or graphic tell the story. Avoid too much text!
3. Type key words in the PowerPoint Notes area listing what to say when displaying the slide. The notes are printable.
4. Number your slides and give them a title.
5. Use the “summary slide” feature in slide sorter view to prepare an Agenda or Table of Contents slide.
6. Prepare a company logo slide for your presentation, if you wish.
7. You can add a logo and other graphics to every slide using the slide master feature.
8. Proof read everything, including visuals and numbers.
9. Keep “like” topics together
10. Strive for similar line lengths for text.
• Visual elements
1. A font size of 28 to 34 with a bold font is recommended for subtitles. The title default size is 44. Use a san serif font for titles.
2. Use clear, simple visuals. Don’t confuse the audience.
3. Use contrast: light on dark or dark on light.
4. Graphics should make a key concept clearer.
5. Place your graphics in a similar location within each screen.
6. The drawing toolbar is extremely useful You can:
1. Insert clip art
2. Insert pictures
3. Use Word Art
4. Use text boxes
5. Insert charts and diagrams
6. Insert arrows, banners, and thought balloons.
7. To temporarily clear the screen press W or B during the presentation. Press Enter to resume the presentation.
• Text
1. Font size must be large enough to be easily read. Size 28 to 34 with a bold font is recommended.
2. It is distracting if you use too wide a variety of fonts.
3. Overuse of text is a common mistake.
1. Too much text makes the slide unreadable. You may just as well show a blank slide. Stick to a few key words.
2. If your audience is reading the slides they are not paying attention to you. If possible, make your point with graphics instead of text.
3. You can use Word Art, or a clip art image of a sign, to convey text in a more interesting way.
• Numbers
1. Numbers are usually confusing to the audience. Use as few as possible and allow extra time for the audience to do the math.
2. Numbers should never be ultra precise:
1. “Anticipated Revenues of $660,101.83” looks silly. Are your numbers that accurate? Just say $660 thousand.
2. “The Break Even Point is 1048.17 units. Are you selling fractions of a unit?
3. Don’t show pennies. Cost per unit is about the only time you would need to show pennies.
3. If you have more than 12-15 numbers on a slide, that’s probably too many.
4. Using only one number per sentence helps the audience absorb the data.
5. Use the same scale for numbers on a slide. Don’t compare thousands to millions.
6. When using sales data, stick to a single market in the presentation. Worldwide sales, domestic sales, industry sales, company sales, divisional sales, or sales to a specific market segment are all different scales. They should not be mixed.
7. Cite your source on the same slide as the statistic, using a smaller size font.

• Charts/Backgrounds
1. Charts need to be clearly labeled. You can make more interesting charts by adding elements from the drawing toolbar.
2. Numbers in tables are both hard to see and to understand. There is usually a better way to present your numerical data than with columns and rows of numbers. Get creative!
3. PowerPoint deletes portions of charts and worksheets that are imported from Excel, keeping only the leftmost 5.5 inches. Plan ahead.
4. Backgrounds should never distract from the presentation.
5. Using the default white background is hard on the viewer’s eyes. You can easily add a design style or a color to the background.
6. Backgrounds that are light colored with dark text, or vice versa, look good. A dark background with white font reduces glare.
7. Colors appear lighter when projected. Pale colors often appear as white.
8. Consistent backgrounds add to a professional appearance.
9. For a long presentation, you may want to change background designs when shifting to a new topic.

Slides should be visually appealing!

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