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Grantham University Week 2 Business Ethics And Employee Microchip Discussion

Grantham University Week 2 Business Ethics And Employee Microchip Discussion

Question Description

Business Ethics – Week 2 Assignment

Analysis of Discussion Comments

Please review the DQ forum for this week. Select 2-3 postings from your peers to analyze in your personal assignment response. For your personal assignment this week:

Write a 1-2 page summary on your analysis of the discussion comments and how you believe this content has increased your ethical self-awareness. Please include alternatives, analysis, application, and action.

The assignment should be submitted as a Word document and APA format is required. The title page and reference page are not counted in the 1-2 page requirement.

*Please remember to include your results from this assignment on your ethics portfolio for the final project. The dropbox will be in Week 8.


18-20 points


16-17 points


14-15 points


12-13 points


0-11 points

Comprehension of Assignment

(20% of grade)

Addressed the question completely and thoroughly. Provided additional supporting evidence, demonstrating a full comprehension of subject matter.

Addressed the question(s) completely and thoroughly.

Addressed the majority of the question(s).

Addressed minimal portions of the question(s).

Did not address the question(s).

Application of Course Knowledge and Content

(20% of grade)

Thorough technical application of course knowledge and content in a complete and concise manner.

Technical application of course knowledge and content is mostly accurate, concise and complete.

Technical application of course knowledge and content is partially accurate, concise and complete.

Technical application of course knowledge and content is minimally accurate, concise and complete.

Technical application of course knowledge and content is inaccurate and incomplete.

Organization of Ideas

(20% of grade)

Original ideas are effectively developed and presented in a logical, sequential order throughout the entire assignment. Includes adequate and appropriate supporting evidence.

Original ideas are effectively developed and presented in a logical, sequential order within a majority of the assignment. Includes acceptable supporting evidence

Original ideas are partially developed and presented in a somewhat logical, sequential order. Inadequate supporting evidence.

Original ideas are not present and/or not presented in a logical, sequential order. Organization is difficult to follow throughout the assignment. Lacks supporting evidence.

Little to no original ideas or organization present throughout the entire assignment. Lacks supporting evidence.

Writing Skills

(20% of grade)

Mechanics (spelling, grammar, and punctuation) are flawless, including proficient demonstration of citations and formatting throughout the entire assignment.

Mechanics (spelling, grammar, and punctuation) are accurate including demonstration of citations and formatting within a majority of the assignment.

Partial errors with mechanics (spelling, grammar, and punctuation) including demonstration of citations and formatting within minimal portions of the assignment.

Multiple errors with mechanics (spelling, grammar, and punctuation), inaccurate demonstration of citations and formatting.

Assignment is incomprehensible due to multiple errors with mechanics (spelling, grammar, and punctuation). No demonstration of citations or formatting present.

Research Skills

(20% of grade)

Accurate and applicable use of resources relevant to the subject matter that enhance the overall assignment.

Appropriate use of resources relevant to the subject matter.

Adequate use of resources, not all resources relevant to the subject matter.

Minimal use of resources relevant to the subject matter.

No evidence of resources apparent.

Peer Discussion #1

Mbanefo Ofodile

Week 2 Discussion – Mbanefo “MB” Ofodile


Question 1: My thoughts on the Banking on Nature video is that this is a very important aspect that we all need to be aware of and also care about. But personally, I don’t believe that it comes to the top of my list as something we need to pay a whole lot of attention to. I also went back and looked at my self assessment and saw that I didn’t score high on environment and then I read Friedman at 50’s article and saw how some corporations are stepping in to address climate change issues and it made me think, are they doing it because it’s the right thing or are they just trying to make themselves look good and appease their stakeholders and customers.

Now over to the chapter reading with Megan and her tasking – I probably will view the employee taking the car to the hospital everyday as not doing anything wrong, especially since they are allowed to take the cars home after work. Ethics is a very dynamic issue and for me, my beliefs and upbringing will more than likely push and affect what I see as wrong or right. There are things that you know right away that are wrong like the company can put a GPS tracker on their vehicles but listening to private conversations is not, I know because I’m in the world of business.


Karthik Ramanna (2020, May). Friedman at 50: Is it still the Social Responsibility of Business to Increase Profits?: California Management Review 2020, Vol. 62(3) 28-41

Question 2: Let me start with the video Employee Microchip – my first question is “How can this be legal?” And who would want to do it? I know I don’t. I just thought back on what I believe is the three moral standards that are normally associated with moral issues – principles of justice, rights, and utilitarianism and right away the principles of rights jump out to me. If you insert a microchip on employees so you can see/hear what they do in their daily life’s, doesn’t that take away some of their rights and also most importantly privacy? I also started looking at some of the cases on the required reading and seeing that I scored a 3 in fairness, at the same time I do not think I will be that unfair to other employees even if it’s my family. Granted, I have not been put in that situation but growing up in Nigeria and having seen and witnessed a lot of it, I swore not to be the same.

My dad was the same way and he refused once to ask a friend who he helped get their job to offer me a job. He wanted me to earn it and I see myself trying to raise my kids the same way. I’ve coached them in sports and I am always harder on them and expect more. I just want them to earn whatever they get in life including playing time on the team :); sounds harsh but that’s my upbringing. The Sailors who have worked for me, I believe will agree that I aspire to be fair at all times.

These two were very tough ones and I am really enjoying these discussions. Looking forward to reading everyone else’s post.


David J. Fritzsche (2001). Emerging Ethical Issues in International Business: SAM Advanced Management Journal (07497075) 42-46

Peer Discussion #2:

Ayuk Ayuk Mbi Ayuk

Week 2 Discussion


Question 1:

Basically, the case study on Banking in Nature dwell on aspects of business ethics – precisely, on social responsibility, personal ethics and generally ethics. I think due to the knowledge of operation of the organization, ideas were criticized by other organization or entities and thus, categorized the concept of creating an organization to be right or wrong – ethical issues, For instance, were the CEO of Nature Conservancy exhibit personal ethics – concern about the wellbeing of others. The video also depicts issues on decisions and thought that was also criticized and argued even when it appeared helpful and profitable to the community, hence, a social issue. This case study raised concern of social responsibility on stakeholders and stakeholders orientation with common social rule to benefit the community. I also think that the case study directly explain how the four levels of social responsibilities will benefits the organization, stakeholders and the community.

Corporate social responsibility help small and medium enterprises to act as a key players in job creation and the provision of goods and services in many developing economies and their contribution and impact on social welfare need to be known (Chanakira & Masunda, 2019). I believe the decision and thought to create organization or company that will benefit stakeholders will always be arguable. For example, the mission behind the creation of the Oklahoma City Farmers Market was to help stakeholders and community. Nowadays, I believe the attitude (personal ethics) of farmers and other stakeholders is highly diverted only towards profit maximization. The community benefits from such organization appears almost forgotten.


Chanakira, M., Masunda, M. (2019, July). Corporate Social Responsibility engagement by Zimbabwean small and medium enterprise: African Journal of Business Ethics. Vol.13, P62-77

Question 2

The case study on employee microchip brings outs an ethical concern by introducing its technological advancement. The said organization in the clip introduced an equipment that changed the mindset of individuals (its employee). I think the introduction and function of this equipment does affect values, decision and willingness of its employee.

My take:based on this clip, I will reject the equipment simply because, I am of the older generation. In as much as I do not criticize the idea, I do believe that there is a lot behind it which can be damaging in the human body in the long run and can break into human privacy. Technology advancement is good but, it comes with a lot of unethical and societal issues. To me, the younger generation will accept such because they believe in getting everything pretty fast and rebuke perseverance.

More to this, I think it is not fair. Firstly because the human body might not support such device. There will obviously be omission lying concerning this device. Secondly, this will jeopardize individuals integrity because, even if legislations are set up to limit such actions, with time, as large number of persons accepts its administration in their bodies, voluntary action will certainly become involuntary and to obligatory actions. I hold these factor very strong because it display my assessment result on integrity and honesty values.

Checkout this example. I consider taking of vaccines very serious and delicate. In as much as some are good and helpful, some are definitely not because they are one of such omission lying products. I think most of them are the cause of lameness, autistic and many other bodily malfunctions. when organizations and individuals truly knows the effect from such products and yet administers, I consider that destruction of values (integrity and fairness).

I do appreciate your readings and welcome your criticism while learning with you all. Thank you.


Peer Discussion #3:

Jonathan Thurman

Week 2 Video Case Studies


Question 1:

This case study shows what can be accomplished with you have executive buy in for economic and socially responsible projects. The items discussed and the example given showcased the steps of Social Responsibility. According to our text, there are four levels of social responsibility – economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic. (Ferrell, Ferrell, & Fraedrich, 2015) He was able to articulate that each of these areas are truly needs to have good decision making for both business and economic growth at the same time. The idea of social responsibility can be tied back many years, as an example, according to Karthik Ramanna, “Fifty years ago Milton Friedman famously argued that the social responsibility of business is to increase its profits”, this idea is still strong in business principles today, and can be directly linked to these steps outlined above. (Ramanna, 2020) being environmentally conscious and placing this as a priority was thought of as a great avenue to drive profits of growing firms.

However, as I would like to think I really would get behind an effort like this and would really tie the business and environmental aspects together, last week’s assessment didn’t support that conclusion at all, as I scored fairly low on that value.

Question 2:

Based on the this short clip and the idea around microchips in employees. Since this approach was a voluntary effort, it makes this seem less like infringement, but also creates opportunities. I am on the fence with the idea. If I could see the whole use case for the request, I would be be inclined to support, but with limited information and data to support the effects, I would currently be against it. I am sure with the medical innovations that we have in today’s world I would be less afraid of the implant, as lots of man-made technologies are being implanted and helping health issues. My concerns would be more on the data collection and cyber side of things. Our text points out the issue of privacy concerns with companies use of monitoring employee habits and technology use. (Ferrell, Ferrell, & Fraedrich, 2015, Section 3-3n) Who’s to say these implants would not be a gateway to more of this type of behavior.

In my self-assessment in week one, I scored lower in assistance and tolerance, so I believe that this aligns with my feelings on this subject as I really don’t want to be given away privacy and personal security to assistance in a big experiment or human analysis. I also scored lower in tolerance, and as I understand that value, I believe this also supports my stance as I am less tolerant on things that are not well defined or could have an ever evolving set of parameters that I have no control over.

Ferrell, Ferrell, Fraedrich, Business Ethics, Ethical Decision Making and Cases, Twelfth Edition, 2019, Retrieved from https://ng.cengage.com/static/nb/ui/evo/index.html?deploymentId=5835051934529006900868413293&eISBN=9781337614467&id=855918657&snapshotId=1850278&dockAppUid=16&nbId=1850278&

Ramanna, Karthik, Friedman at 50: Is It Still the Social Responsibility of Business to Increase Profits?, (May 2020) Retrieved from http://web.b.ebscohost.com/ehost/detail/detail?vid=11&sid=1795e1bc-da01-4a34-ae98-68df4598a7af%40sessionmgr103&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#AN=143347987&db=bth

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