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ENGL 101 Central Virginia Community College Effects of Electronic Reading Essay

ENGL 101 Central Virginia Community College Effects of Electronic Reading Essay

Question Description

Instruction for the assignment

  • Writing Process Unit 4: Revising, Proofreading and Editing
    • capture the reader’s attention? If not, try changing the title.
    • A Clear Focus: Does your essay contain a clear thesis statement? Is the thesis statement too broad or too narrow for the body paragraphs that follow? Writers often find that the best time to edit a thesis statement is once you have written the body paragraphs.
    • Sufficient Information for Your Audience: Have you left out important background information or the definition of a special term that your readers need to fully understand your ideas?
    • Adequate Support for Your Thesis: Have you used sufficient evidence in the form of real-life examples, facts, or material from other sources like quotations? If more supporting detail would strengthen your essay, add it now.
    • Organization: Does your essay have a clear beginning, middle, and end? If the assignment calls for a specific type of organization, like part-by-part comparison and contrast, have you been consistent in the use of that pattern?
    • Topic Sentences: Does each body paragraph contain an effective topic sentence that indicates the cause or the effect that will be the focus of the paragraph?
    • Paragraph Support and Paragraph Unity: Does each body paragraph thoroughly develop the topic sentence? Is each body paragraph unified? Are any of the body paragraphs too short? How well do you flow from one paragraph to the next? Do you need to add transitions?
    • Sentence Correctness: On your copy of the essay, note any errors of sentence structure, punctuation, word choice, and spelling. If you are unsure about correctness, review the grammar tutorials on complete sentences (Unit 1), verbs (Unit 2), parallelism and pronouns (Unit 3), and punctuation and capitalization (Unit 4). Also, refer to the appropriate chapters of The Little Seagull Handbookfor additional help. Add any required changes to your essay.

In this assignment, you will use the final steps of the writing process to revise, proofread, and editthe draft of the essay you are working on now: Essay 3 Cause and Effect.

Revising is not the same task as editing and proofreading. You are revising when you read the entire essay with a critical eye and make substantive changes. Sometimes you will need to remove an entire section of your essay. Sometimes you will need to add a new paragraph or to add supporting details to an existing paragraph. At other times you will need to rearrange paragraphs to improve the organization.

Part I: Revise
Read the draft of your essay now with a critical eye toward these important elements:

Once you have made all of the necessary changes to the essay draft, select one paragraph which required the greatest number of revisions and include that paragraph in your 4.3 Writing Process assignments (this is Part I).

Part II: Proofreading and Editing

Read the draft of the essay again, this time concentrating on the sentences: the grammar and word choice.

Once you have made all of the necessary changes to your essay draft, save the revised draft to your computer or an external storage device. Name the file so you can easily identify the new draft. Finally, select one paragraph which required the greatest number of sentence- and word-level edits and include that paragraph in your 4.3 Writing Process assignments (this is Part II).

Part III: Reflection
Once you have selected two paragraphs to include (Part I and Part II above), write a one-paragraph explanation of the changes you made. How do these changes strengthen your essay? Type this reflection paragraph (Part III) at the bottom of your document.

(Essay 3)Effects of Electronic Reading on Readers and Authors

The tremendous revolution in technology has taken different sectors by a storm and one of the affected sectors is education which has seen the reading culture being taken to a whole new level Widdersheim, (2015). Reading is no longer what it used to be as readers have shifted from the traditional physical reading of books to the virtual online reading of E-books. However, such transformations come along with side effects on both the users and creators of reading content. This essay will endeavor to discuss the causes behind this phenomenon as well as the effects that arise from adopting it.

Among the reasons why eBooks have been adopted easily by readers is their portability which makes them easy to access efficiently and conveniently at the comfort of readers. Traditionally, readers could have to carry many books, but they have been saved the bulkiness with the emergency of eBooks. Right now, all they need to do is to save the books of their choice in electronic form on laptops and smartphones then open them whenever the urge to read is felt. The culture of borrowing books has also been reduced as readers can easily access books of their choice by simply downloading them from the internet and the same applies to access of referencing material for thesis Mangen, Bente, and Kolbjørn, (2013). This has reduced the number of people visiting libraries which have made libraries change their service formats to digital and the closure of some libraries is envisaged in the future.

The addiction to online reading has its side effects. In the past, people read books to relieve themselves of stress and destruction. However, screen reading seems to cancel this effect and likely to accelerate stress levels. Researchers have linked excessive use of laptops and smartphones to stress and depression and mental fatigue among teenagers Connell, Caroline, Bayliss, & Farmer, (201). Electronic reading disrupts sleeping patterns by interfering with the circadian rhythms. It also reduces the attention span of readers as readers have to divide their attention between focusing on reading and several online destructions. Readers have to deal with pop-up messages and links on the site, checking their social media updates coupled with call destructions when using smartphones to read. Instead of finding comfort and peace in reading, electronic sources tend to foster guilt and regrets among readers which mushes their minds instead.

Authors have also been affected by the shift in the reading culture. Previously, authors and writers found it difficult to get the works published due to the high costs involved in a publication which has been made easier by electronic publishing. However, the whole revolution has had an economic pinch on authors which has outsized many careers of writers. E-Books are priced lower than hardcover books which generate low income for both authors and publishers Widdersheim, (2015). This has led to publishers signing fewer writers. “Advances are down and there aren’t as many debuts as before.” said one of the literary agents Ira Silverberg.

Electronic reading comes with a host of effects both positive and negative with both readers and authors feeling the effects. With the change in the reading culture, a scenario is expected in the future whereby authors will craft contents that befit the needs of online readers and there is a suspicion of whether authors will keep their previous originality in content creation.

Works Cited

Connell, Caroline, Lauren Bayliss, and Whitney Farmer. “Effects of eBook readers and tablet computers on reading comprehension.” International Journal of Instructional Media 39.2 (2012).

Mangen, Anne, Bente R. Walgermo, and Kolbjørn Brønnick. “Reading linear texts on paper versus computer screen: Effects on reading comprehension.” International journal of educational research 58 (2013): 61-68.

Widdersheim, Michael M. “E-books: Histories, trajectories, futures.” First Monday (2015).

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