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Duke University Stages of The Family Life Cycle Presentation

Duke University Stages of The Family Life Cycle Presentation

Question Description

Family Life Cycle Picture Analysis Assignment

The Family Life Cycle is a way of explaining families through different stages of life, from coupling/marriage, children, launching children, and late-life. You will notice a few different family life cycle models – some with 6 stages, some with 7stages – but mostly the same general ideas. Each stage comes with typical tasks that the individual and family is to accomplish. When you know the tasks within each stage, it can help you understand why families make the decisions they do or why they organize family life according to the needs and tasks of the stage they are in. Family Life Cycle models highlight the typical, normal stages that families go through. However, there are events that happen in families that are not in a sequence that we expect; we would call these “non-normative” or “off-time” events.

I find myself people watching and thinking “Oh that couple has a baby and is in the childbearing stage. I wonder how they have set up their childrearing roles? Who wakes up at night? How has the couple adjusted to less attention to each other and giving more attention to the child?” With this assignment, you will be able to explain family life stages and tasks so you too can be an expert “people watcher”. For each of the life cycle stages, you will complete a picture analysis as your evidence of being an expert “family life cycle people watcher”. Here are the instructions.


  1. You’ll need to do a little research. What are the stages of the Family Life Cycle? What are the tasks of each stage? You’ll need to have at least 1 reference. Think reputable books or websites. Your textbook mentions some of this starting on page 170, but it is not the full family life cycle. Find at least 1 source that can explain the cycle to you and describe the tasks within each stage. You’ll also need to research non-normative or off-time events in the family life cycle (.org or .edu websites are more reputable than .com websites).
  2. Next, find a picture that represents each life cycle stage. One picture for each stage is fine.

Pictures can be of your family, pictures you take in the community, or from a web search. Pictures should be appropriate for the stage AND appropriate as an academic submitted document at Faulkner University. Remember your picture is part of the evidence that you understand the stage. Finding pictures that show the stage in action is preferred.

  1. For the assignment, you will identify the stage and then provide a general description of the stage and the tasks during that stage. Think 2-3 sentences for the descriptions.

***Descriptions must be in your own words. No quotes, you need to read and then put it into your own writing. (When you “people watch” you would comment with a quote from a textbook, you are using your own words in an intelligent way).

  1. In addition to each stage, you will identify 2 non-normative off-time events, adding a picture for each event. This is not 2 non-normative events for each stage, you are only finding 2 non-normative events that could occur at some point during the family life cycle. (2-3 sentences for the descriptions and why it is an off-time event).

5. So your total number of slides will be:

1 slide title page with title, name, course, and date

1 slide for each family life cycle stage (so that would be 6 slides if the model you found has 6 stages, 7 slides if the model has 7 stages).

2 slides – one each for the 2 non-normative off-time events. (2 slides, 1 slide for each event).

1 slide for references in APA format.

Total will be 11 or 12 slides (depending on the family life cycle model that you use).


1. You should use a powerpoint (.ppt) or some sort of presentation software (Google presentations okay, not Mac version).

2. Save as Google presentation, .ppt OR .pdf .I cannot open the Mac equivalent, in which case you should save it as a .pdf.

3. Presentation is important. Be sure your background and font color are not similar. Make the presentation of the slides look clean, well-thought-out, and with effort.

4. Submit in the “Project” tab in Blackboard. If you are pasting a link to a google presentation, do so in the text box/comment section and click submit – be sure you have shared it with where I can “edit”.

5. Use this document as an example of a few stages, tasks, and descriptions! Family Life Cycle Presentation Example. You’ll notice, it’s not fancy with animation or unnecessary fluff. Gets right to the point with clear pictures, tasks, and descriptions.

Remember to consider the purpose: To demonstrate your understanding of the Family Life Cycle and distinguish between the different stages. Your descriptions are vital to your grade – be sure you are clear in your wording.

a small example attached

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