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Dams on Nile River Project

Dams on Nile River Project

Question Description

This project report consists of:

Part 1. (100 points)Learn about what happened in the past (what dams were built; when and where) by reading for background knowledge the paper titled“Dams on Nile River” located in the project folder along with other information also located in the project folder. Write a summary and include a simple schematic or a map showing the locations of the dams

Part 2. (100 points)Collect data from 1 dam (related to the Nile River or its tributaries) that can be used for backwater curve calculations.If you cannot find the necessary data, you can assume to your best guess and construct a hydraulic data sheet.

Part 3. (100 points)Backwater Excel calculation sheets on the Nile River or its tributaries using the data you collected in part 2 using either direct step method or standard step method.

Part 4. (100 points)Backwater Excel calculation Excel graphs, I expect to see a graph similar to this: (using your data)

Part 5. (100 points)Conclusion and comments. The Nile is the world’s longest river, passing through 11 countries. The Grand Renaissance Dam project has sparked a dispute over Ethiopia’s development needs versus Egypt’s concerns over water scarcity and climate change. We know that every dam has its backwater curve, what could be the repercussions on the 11 countries sharing the Nile River and those countries adjacent to those 11 countries?What are your expectations and what can the affected countries do to mitigate any bad effects (its ok for crazy ideas). Examples can be: adding new dams or make existing dams higher. Show what your expectations (effects) can be if you make changes to the current system.

Notes:It is acceptable to submit all the deliverables together and name it Final Project Report I separated the Excel graphs from the Excel spreadsheet so each one considered separate pointsDeliverable 2 and 3 can be combined or separateNo limits for the paragraph, it can be small or big depends on the availability information and data. You can use the sources in the project folder, or you can have your own resources. If you use your own source, please cite.It is good idea to try to find data about crosssections, discharge, slope s, Manning n, velocity, hydraulic radius, etc., for the main river and tributaries, otherwise see what n and other variable values you think can be used based on the channel characteristics or land use. However, don’t spend endless time for any item and think about best assumptions if you need to go that way in case of sparse data.I saved a paper called “Characteristics of Blue Nile” that has some values for Manningn you can use. In that paper, there are some relations between n and Q, for example: =150.38 ln 89613 you also can use if you know Q.This is a theoretical project for backwater curve applications so one can learn about other hydraulic systems. If you cannot find specific data, for the purpose of training and sake of time, you can make your reasonable assumptions. Also note: complication is not the purpose of this project but learning and familiarity with the study area.Some numbers just for your feeling: s in the main Nile can be 0.00007 (almost flat) while it’s greater for the Blue Nile, see the paper above. Also, n can be 0.02 to 0.06 in some references. You can use something like these for the main or Blue Nile.

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