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COMP 484L California State University Northridge ASCII TinyMCE & HTML Code HW

COMP 484L California State University Northridge ASCII TinyMCE & HTML Code HW

Question Description

Requirements: To complete this project you will write and submit a zip-file named lab0.zip.

Inside this zip-file should be the following…

• 8 image files named lab0_1.jpg, lab0_2.jpg, lab0_3.jpg, lab0_4.jpg,

lab0_5.jpg, lab0_6.jpg, lab0_7.jpg, and lab0_8.jpg

• A file named lab0.html

• A file named lab0A.html

• A file named lab0B.html

• A file named lab0B.css

All files except the image files will be created as ASCII files (i.e. plain text document with a .html

or .css extension). You may create them with any text editor

(notepad/wordpad/sublime/TextEdit) but you must ensure that they are text files. In other words,

they should not contain anything except ASCII characters (including HTML tags and content).


an editor such as Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Web, SharePoint Designer, or

even TinyMCE to create this document will result in a score of 0 on Lab 0.)

In HTML documents, nested elements should be placed on separate lines and every level of

nesting should have an additional indentation for clarity. For ease of reading, indentation is 4



This is a paragraph


n lab0.html should have a large (full page-size) table in the body, and nothing else. The

table contains 8 cells, with no borders visible (can use or equivalent

CSS). Each cell of the table contains one of the 8 images: lab0_1.jpg,

lab0_2.jpg, lab0_3.jpg, lab0_4.jpg, lab0_5.jpg, lab0_6.jpg,

lab0_7.jpg, and lab0_8.jpg. (Optional: These 8 images can form one

unified image, as presented during the lab lectures on HTML. This is not necessary, but

you are encouraged to be creative.)

Each of these image-cells is also a functional anchor (hyperlink). Thus, the entire table

implements a basic 1990s-level site-navigation. The hrefs should point to the following


• 5 of your favorite/most-visited sites on the web (pls do not link to any

inappropriate/obscene images which cannot be shared with accreditors)

• lab0A.html

• lab0B.html

• a mailto: link which goes to your CSUN email (as presented in HTML slides)

n lab0A.html does not have to look very good, as it is not necessarily styled (although it

can be…this is your choice). Lab0A.html is supposed to contain only HTML content.

Sections of the Body:

lab0A.html must have the following:

• Your name at top, using a heading element

• A paragraph describing yourself and why you are at CSUN

• A hierarchical un-ordered list of the classes you took last academic year (Fall 2019

and Spring 2020), organized by major (see example below)

My classes in Fall 2019 and Spring 2020:

• Mathematics

o MATH 150B

o MATH 262

• Computer Science

o COMP 122/L

o COMP 182/L

o COMP 282

o COMP 222

• Music

o MUS 306

o MUS 106HH

• A form which has…

o A text field

o A submit button

o A clear button

When the submit button is pressed, the text entered by the user is sent to

google.com using the GET method. In other words, pressing the submit button

should bring up the Google search results for the keyword(s) entered in the text


Here is a hint for how to do this portion of the assignment…

Note that the query string above contains one name/value pair…

Name: q

Value: timer

• A hyperlink (anchor) that returns you to the main page (lab0.html)

n lab0B.html includes (via link) the CSS rules of lab0B.css

Together these implement a simple blog page for one of your interests. These interests

may be fictional, if you like. Be as creative as you wish, although points are not awarded

for this. J

Each blog entry also has an associated image. (These can be images on the web, or

additional images included in your zip file. Please include only images/content that is

non-offensive and can be shared with accreditors.)

The page also contains a box of links to your Friends in a separate column to the left of

the blog entries. (Your friends may also be fictional if you wish. In this example, mine


The page is labeled with a title and subtitle. In the example page given, the title is

“Adam’s Metal Journal” and the subtitle is “A Playlist For Every Occasion.”

Note: all images are the property of their respective copyright holders. Images courtesy

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cause_of_Death_%28alb… and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holy_Diver

Match the colors and layout of this example as best you can. The emphasis is on layout, so

using the colors black, red, white, lightgreen, purple, and blue is acceptable. Note that the

background color of the entire body of the page is blue.

Abide by the following style specifications for the page:

• There should be divs around every boxed element, allowing you to style the entire

enclosing virtual box. This includes the page title box, the friends box, each blog entry,

and the white box surrounding this content. These sets of divs should be given

appropriate classes to match the corresponding styles.

• The title is a

and the subtitle is a

in the lightgreen title box. These headings
should be aligned to the right of that section of the page. The subtitle font can be resized
to best match the layout above.
• The text of each blog entry should be widened so that it fills the entire width of its section
(i.e. “fully justified”).
• The title of each blog entry is an

• The images should float on the right side of a blog entry next to the surrounding text.
They must stay within the bounds of the enclosing box, and not bleed into other content.
• Each of… the white containing box, friends box, blog boxes, and title box… should have
a solid, black border.
• The friends box should have a

for “Friends” and a

    with hyperlink list items to
    each friend. The hyperlinks should be underlined and change color to red when mousedover (using the hover pseudoclass).
    • The friends box is a left-aligned independent div.
    • Set all padding/margins to best match the example above.
    Submission: Prior to the deadline upload your file lab0.zip to Canvas.
    Grade Breakdown:
    10%: Submission instructions followed to the letter (all filenames and zip-file structure correct)
    10%: HTML has proper indentation and HTML/CSS files are clean and clearly spaced
    40%: Web pages render properly in reasonably recent Mozilla Firefox (version 60+)
    40%: Web pages contain all required content
    Cheating: This project (like all projects in this class) is an individual project. You can

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