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Carlos Albizu University Epidemiology Responses

Carlos Albizu University Epidemiology Responses

Question Description


Principles of Epidemiology

Childhood Injury Prevention Program Reply to each Peer about their post.

Childhood Injury Prevention Program Reply 1 Martina:

When conducting studies, researchers focus on different ways to obtain and collect data in order to receive the proper information they need. There are different types of data sources that are looked for, surveillance data and research data. Surveillance data incorporates ongoing data to evaluate trends within populations. Research data focuses on the factors that contribute to a specific disease. These are two opposite forms of data so it is important to distinguish what a researcher is looking for.

Surveys are a common form of gathering data. Surveys can be conducted via email, mail, in person, online, or through the phone. The way surveys are conducted varies on what topic they are based on. Surveys today are commonly shown in questionnaire form. Further, there are many benefits to surveys. For one, they focus on populations as a whole, receiving information from different areas they need. Another advantage to surveys is the use of standardized questions. When people complete surveys, the surveys are very generalized that the questions remain the same and easy. The use of standardized questions helps people complete it faster because of how easy the questions are. Lastly, surveys are the same and repeated over a course of time. The same surveys are given to track the same data over a period of time (Macera & Shaffer, 2013, p.71). On the other hand, one disadvantage to surveys is the limited access people have to some of these resources. For example, some surveys are conducted through email. But what happens if a person does not have an email? Then the individual cannot perform the survey. Additionally, another problem that can arise is the number of people who actually respond to the survey. People have become accustomed to ignoring surveys because there is no actual obligation or incentive to completing them.

Another way to collect data information is through a surveillance system. A surveillance system measures the different factors of a specific problem or disease over a period of time. This system carefully monitors the data/factors involved to control the problems from reoccurring. Conducting a surveillance system data collection involves: “…collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data, then disseminating the results to relevant agencies” (Macera & Shaffer, 2013, p.75). One advantage to a surveillance system is the data being collected from a specific area. The consistency of this data allows for a standardized set of information to help track. In contrast, a problem that can arise is the amount of access healthcare workers or people in the public can have to this information. From this, problems can easily spread leading to potential decisions being made. (Macera & Shaffer, 2013, p.76).

For this case, I choose the 15-18 age group conducting a survey to receive the baseline data. Among all the different ages, I feel like the 15-18 group will more likely answer the surveys truthfully as they can fully comprehend things better. Also because they are older, they probably will have more experience with injuries to show more range in data. Plus, surveys are easier to conduct because you can retrieve the information faster compared to the surveillance system where it is a process of collection.


Macera, C. A., Shaffer, R. A., (2013). Introduction to Epidemiology: Distribution and Determinants of Disease. [VitalSource Bookshelf]. Retrieved from https://online.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781285687148/

Childhood Injury Prevention Program Reply 2 Yanira:

Hello All,

For this week’s discussion post, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of conducting a survey or establishing a surveillance system. We must choose an age group between the ages of 3-18 years old and explained why I am choosing a specific age group with the advantages and disadvantages of each category.

When conducting a study, they need to make sure. First, they have all of the data filled out and determine if the study is applicable and meet specific criteria. In this case study, we need to conduct a series of questions to obtain accurate information about childhood injuries. As mentioned by (Macera & Shaffer, 2013, p.41), “A case is a person in the population or study group identified as having the particular disease, health disorder, or condition under investigation. In epidemiology, the term “case” is often synonymous with disease or outcome of interest.” In this study, we are using a case to determine to find accurate information when trying to obtain for the study for childhood injuries. I would choose the age group of 15-18 years of age since these groups of teenagers is more qualified to give an appropriate answer. As mentioned by (Macera & Shaffer, 2013, p.42), “Case severity can be identified by measuring results such as length of hospital stay, number of follow-up visits, recovery time, disability, or death.” The advantage of choosing this group is that we will obtain accurate answers, as opposed to younger children. Since I will be conducting a study on adolescents, I will make it a survey study since they can appropriately answer questions and give a better explanation. The only disadvantages are, these teenagers might not recall their childhood injuries. I think setting up a surveillance system would be more beneficial for the youngest group.


Macera, C. A., Shaffer, R. A., & Shaffer, P. M. (2013). Introduction to epidemiology: Distribution and determinants of disease in humans (1sted.). Cengage Learning.

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