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Bowie State University Ethic Solutions to Small Business Pandemic Issues Paper

Bowie State University Ethic Solutions to Small Business Pandemic Issues Paper

Question Description

it’s Group Ethics Research Paper about this topic Small Business based on Pandemic

my part in the group is to write about the available solution so I need you to write 350 words about the available solution

and here is the group work to take look at it and take idea about what you will write


The nation’s small businesses are confronted with a challenging economic disturbance due to the Pandemic Covid-19 outbreak. This pandemic has greatly affected small business owners which has caused the government to shut down the economy. The government needs to realize that by shutting down local small businesses it will make it difficult for them to survive compared to large businesses or corporations that are insured to cover emergency situations. A small business owner has a small cash reserve and will not be able to support the workers or provide for business operations. This has caused an Ethical Dilemma between the government and small businesses to keep up with integrity and trust within the economy. The stakeholders are also affected in this situation, in which they have invested into the business or even employees that work for the company. It has caused concern for stakeholders ethical dilemma issues such as making payments to them.

Although, there are Ethical Dilemmas and stakeholders at risk for small business being shut down by the government. There are some available solutions that we could apply and will be described in detail later in this ethics paper. Some solutions we could consider would be to cut down business costs, grant cash to the needy, and support the workers that have been unemployed due to the temporary economic shut down. Recommendations or course of actions that could be applied by the government can be to consider small business before completely shutting down the economy. By Coming up with a plan that businesses can follow to be able to survive the shut down and have some kind of a date to follow up on so that they can prepare for a course of action.

The Ethical Dilemma

The government has fallen into an ethical dilemma due to the current state of our world, where many small businesses in our nation are struggling to survive because of state-issued closures that were set in place to flatten the curve of the exponentially rising Covid-19 cases. The closure initially forced businesses to completely close and to combat this the government offered a loan that smaller businesses could apply for to be able to cover the losses. After some time the government lifted restrictions and businesses were able to operate at a limited rate allowing them to further reduce losses, however the governor of California has issued another state-wide closure causing businesses to close once again. This second closure has caused many small business owners to permanently close their doors because they are no longer able to eat the losses they are facing, unlike large corporations they simply can’t wait out the pandemic because for them these small businesses are their only source of income.

Because of this the government is facing the dilemma of being able to find the true neutral ground that allows citizens to be able to make a living while also containing the spread of the virus. Favoring the business aspect would help corporations and small business owners stay afloat but there is no guarantee that they will be able to survive as the pandemic continues even with the government’s Paycheck Protection Program (P.P.P.). While favoring the pandemic aspect, completely closing all businesses other than essential business allows for a faster rate at which the nation can flatten the curve. Complete closure means society will be able to return to operating at their previous rate at a sooner time, however it is unlikely that many of the smaller businesses will make it through a longer period of complete closure. As the recorded cases count continues to rise it is crucial that the government creates a plan that allows both the small businesses to survive and help flatten the curve, or otherwise a plan that allows a complete closure and will protect small businesses from permanently closing.


Stakeholders’ model include not only investors, partners and employees, but also customers, the community, government, and other groups in society affected by business. is considered as essential service which includes food and agriculture service providers, transportation service, medical supply and service providers. There are two types of stakeholder in business sectors such as internal and external. Internal stakeholders such as employees who are willing to work to support the community during or pandemic or their job are not impacted by pandemic. It also includes owners who are willing to run their business to support the community as well as their employees or their business is not affected by pandemic. The main external stakeholders are those people who do not directly work with a company but are affected in some way by the actions and outcome. It can be considered customers, government , public media. The decision making by thesee factor will affect to the business such as

buyer decision during a pandemic will play an important role in the service of business.

Government enacted new laws such as social distance, wearing face masks in public, lock down, and closing businesses due to pandemic. Public media propaganda about the pandemic is dangerous, updating covid-19 cases.Applied to the effects of Pandemic to small business, the important and core value stakeholders could come from the support from government such as The United States Small Business Administration. They are offering all states and territories low-interest federal disaster loans for working capital to small businesses and non-profit organizations of any size suffering substantial economic injury as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).


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