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Big Sandy Community Wk 3 Facebook and Political Content Policing Discussion

Big Sandy Community Wk 3 Facebook and Political Content Policing Discussion

Question Description

  • Review the Tutorial on “Blending Quotations”
  • Complete Week 3 Draft Assignment. Week 3 Draft Assignment.docx Week 3 Draft Assignment.docx – Alternative Formats
  • Reply to at least two classmates in each of the three Discussions.
  • Respond 1:

  • My expectations are not extremely high, but not low either. I expect for myself to do pretty well on this test. Typically, I’m not the best test taker when it comes to tests on fresh material. However, this test covers material that I should already know or have learned in my studies. With that being said, I’m expecting to score better than average. I think that I’ll likely do the best in the math section. Throughout highschool I was always really good in my math classes and retained the information well. Although that’s not my course of study now, I still think that’ll be my best scoring section. I also think that my worst section will be critical thinking. It’s not that I’m bad at critical thinking, but in a testing environment I tend to second guess myself more than I would if it were just an assignment. I perceive my skills as pretty good, above average, but not extraordinary. I think I’m pretty good when it comes to writing in college assignments. I’ve never struggled when writing a discussion, paper, assignment, etc. as long as I have my thoughts together. Slightly off topic, I think my shortcomings come from my short attention span. Especially with online learning, I find myself struggling to focus at times and often procrastinate. I am actively working on that though!
  • Respond 2 :
  • I like to think I will do best on the math portion of the test because my major relates to math in most areas. However, I think math is the subject I enjoy the most but is not necessarily the one I am best at. So my best guess would be that I do best at the Reading portion of the test because that’s the part I scored highest in for my ACT. And if I follow that pattern, my writing and math skills should be about equivalent. Because it has been three years since I took my ACT I think I will lack a lot of the basic knowledge I had previously. In high school you know a little bit about a lot of information. Now that I have some college under my belt, I think the information I have obtained through out the years is more specific than it is general. So I do not expect to have outstanding result for this general test, in fact I think this test will open my eyes to how much I don’t know and how close-minded I have become. Maybe it will encourage me to read a book.
  • Respond 3 :
  • After the test I had realized that maybe I don’t know as much as I thought. I’ve always had a hard time with standardized tests. Not making excuses, however that’s just the reality of it. I thought that I would do better on the reading and comprehension whereas I actually did better on the math part. With the reading and comprehension I feel as if I did better than I would have a few years ago though. The reading part I think took the most time. Having to read each section to answer a couple questions really slows you down and it also makes you think a lot more. Which is probably stategically put into the test. I think overall I have a growth mindset. I would like to think that anyway. Although I didn’t do too well on the test, I know that over time and by learning that I can do better the next go-around. In general I think an “educated” person could make a lot of different things. If someone does a lot of car mechanics and knows the mechanics well then they would be considered an “educated” person. That works for just about every job or really any subject. I could be uneducated about wood work and be educated about something else. Being uneducated is not wrong or bad. Just educated yourself in whatever you want to do in the world and be happy about it. I don’t think you have to have a college degree to be educated. Or even go to school to be educated. Education comes in many different forms. I think this test covered the most important bases. I’m not entirely too sure what else could be added to the test. Overall with a growth mindset I know where I’m at and know that their is room for improvement.
  • Respond 4:
  • A university student decided to take it upon himself and test the Internet with the death of French composer, Maurice Jarre. Wikipedia is not a reliable source. It is an online encyclopedia which anyone can edit the page with false information. There are editors who fact checks their pages, but that does not make the site credible or reliable. It is a great for the general public and knowledge, but not always reliable in research. At this point and age, it is known not to trust Wikipedia as a source creditor. I do not “blame” Wikipedia for the hoax, since there are fact checkers, and they removed the false quote multiple times. I do believe that there is a problem with newspaper, traditional or not. I find it ironic that a newspaper would get their information from Wikipedia, and still not fact check the source for their self. That also includes individuals who does researches their self. I also believe that people become “lazy” or complacent and do not dig deeper into facts. I believe that anyone who does research should learn and know how to fact check their sources, especially if you are writing for a newspaper.
  • Respond 5:
  • Wikipedia is not a reliable source and makes it difficult for information on the website to be trusted. Wikipedia has a lot edited information and people especially writers put misleading information this site and that has a lot downside to this generation of technology where a lot of information is gotten online. All i can say is that Wikipedia should verify and do fact check before information is posted on this site. And this story was a story of vandalism so the writer would always want to catch the attention of readers so they would what ever it takes even if it means making up quotes that are not real.
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