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Arab Open University Identifying Topic Sentences Take Home Exam

Arab Open University Identifying Topic Sentences Take Home Exam

Question Description

Reading Question 1: (5 marks)

A topic sentence indicates the main idea of the paragraph. Read the texts below and identify the topic sentencefor each paragraph. / 5

i.The best trip my family ever took was to the mountains. Our entire family drove there in our car. I did not think it would be very interesting, but I was wrong. We enjoyed it thoroughly as the weather was great, saw beautiful sunsets, and visited a quaint village where everyone was friendly and easy going. I liked the food best as I feel it tasted better and we were able to have it in the fresh air!

Answer: ___________________________________________________________________

  • No one likes to eat with a dirty knife, fork, or spoon. It is important to completely wash all cutlery before using them. Even if they look clean, it is important to wash them with the right detergent. Clean cutlery won’t transmit germs and bacteria and therefore help prevent diseases and infections. It is one of the simplest ways to keep safe and healthy.
  • Growing a garden can be fun, good exercise, and will provide fresh fruits and vegetables for the
  • Many people think poetry is old-fashioned and uninteresting. They do not realize that every time they hear a song sung, they are hearing poetry in the form of song lyrics. Just like many written poems, many song lyrics use rhythm, rhyme, and literary imagery. It turns out that poetry isn’t old-fashioned; it’s as modern as the latest hit song!

Answer: ___________________________________________________________________

gardener. It is interesting to watch the seeds pop their heads above the soil for the first time. It is sometimes hard to believe that a little seed can become a large vine or plant in just a few weeks. Planting the seeds and pulling weeds are good exercise for anyone. Then, after watching the plant grow and produce, the gardener ends up with delicious tomatoes, beans, or other yummy produce from the garden.

Answer: ___________________________________________________________________

iv.Sometimes it is hard to fall asleep. Maybe you are not sleepy, or maybe you are thinking about what happened during the day. You can also lie awake if a big event, like a test or a party, is happening the next day. There are several things you can do to try and fall asleep. You can try counting sheep, or just counting, which will keep your mind busy with a repetitious activity. Sometimes listening to soft music or gentle sounds, like rain, helps. You can even try telling yourself a story, which may distract your mind enough that you will be asleep in no time.

Answer: ___________________________________________________________________

Answer: ___________________________________________________________________

Reading Question 2: (10 marks)

Read the following text and answer the questions that follow: / 10

1- When we have a problem, nature often has the answer.

In a room at Stanford University, scientists are studying a small animal called a gecko. It’s an amazing animal because it can move very quickly up and down a tree and it can even walk upside down on ceilings. The scientists are particularly interested in the gecko’s feet. They want to use the same design on their own robot. The metal robot looks very similar to the gecko. It has four feet which can also walk up walls made of glass or plastic. However, it still has a more difficult time when it tries to walk upside down.

2- Animals and plants can teach humans a lot about design and engineering. As a result, many engineers, scientists, and designers spend time studying them. When they have a problem, nature often has the answer. This science is called biomimetics. Bio- means ‘studying living things’ and mimetics means ‘copying the movement of things’. In other words, scientists – or biomimeticists – study animals and plants in order to copy the design.

3-Take, for example, a whale. Engineers in Canada are studying their flippers because they move so effectively through water. The engineers believe the shape can also improve the movement of wind turbines. Similarly, the boxfish is another animal from the sea which is helping car manufacturers in Germany. Mercedes Benz is using the shape of the fish for one of its new cars. The shape makes it faster and more fuel efficient.

4-Velcro is probably the most famous example of biomimetics. Most people have some Velcro on an item of clothing. It was invented by the Swiss engineer George de Mestral in 1948. He was walking in the countryside when he pulled a plant’s bur from his trousers. He noticed how the bur stuck so well to his clothes. He worked on his idea and the result was Velcro, which became an affordable alternative to the traditional zip.

5-In 1982, Wilhelm Bartlott was another inventor who had a great idea when he was studying the leaves of a lotus plant. Bartlett noticed that water always ran off the leaf. When he had a closer look, he also noticed how the leaf cleaned itself. Bartlott copied the leaf’s special surface and now you can find it in specialised paint products where water and dirt never stay on the paint. In conclusion, biomimetics has helped to design our world and there are many more future possibilities. Unfortunately, it might take a long time to discover all the possibilities. This is not really surprising because it’s taken nature thousands of years to design its animals and plants.

The following statements are incorrect. Correct the sentences according to the information given in the text.

  • Scientists have invented a metal robot that behaves exactly like the gecko.
  • Biomimeticists study designs of engineers and other scientists to help them learn more about movement.



iii.Engineers in Canada are studying the movement of whales in order to invent a car that can travel in water.


iv.Velcro was invented by a Swiss engineer after he studied the traditional zip.


v.The lotus plant helped in the invention of a new model of the Mercedes Benz.


Grammar Question 1: (5 marks)/5

Write an open-ended question for each sentence. Refer the underlined part of the sentences to write the question.

1. I’m going to my village tomorrow for the weekend.


2. Nobody knows the answer to his question.


3. The class starts at 1 p.m. everyday.


4. Huge means very big.


5. She was crying because she did not pass the exam.


Grammar Question 2: (5 marks) / 5

Rewrite the sentences below with the adjective of the underlined words. Make changes to the sentence structure if necessary

Example: She speaks quietly.

She speaks in a quiet voice.

1. My teacher explained the lesson clearly.


2. The agenda of the meeting is mainly about the budget.


3. Children have many ways to spend their vacations usefully.


4. We should use social media carefully.


5. He spoke to his students angrily as they performed poorly in the test.


Vocabulary Question 1: (5 marks) /5

Read the sentences below and write the correct form of the base word given in the brackets.

1. (Manage) _____________________ time effectively is very important

2. The _________________ (compete) was between the final two winning teams.

3. The telephone ____________________ (invent) by Alexander Graham Bell.

4. She is too ____________________ (play) in class and doesn’t pay attention.

5. He usually ___________________ (like) to relax in the weekends after a busy week.

Vocabulary Question 2: (5 marks)/ 5

Write one (1) closest synonym to the underlined word in each sentence.

1. Nowadays, people do not get enough physical activity due to busy lifestyles.

Answer: _______________________________

2. It is important for children to develop good habits when they start school.

Answer: ________________________________

3. The student advanced to the front of the class to give the presentation.


4. He defeated his opponent in the game of Chess.


5. My laptop does not work very well. It freezes often.


Writing Question 1: (5 marks)/ 5

Rewrite the below text in the passive voice. Refer to page 41, Ex-D in your workbook.

My relatives visited us last week. They brought a lot of gifts. My mother cooked special food for them. We gave them gifts too. They enjoyed the visit very much.


Writing Question 2: (10 marks)/ 10

Below is a table that shows ‘for’ and ‘against’ opinions on the topic: ‘City life is better than village life. Discuss.’

Write an essay of about 250 words using ONLY the ideas given in the table. You must write your opinion in the conclusion (Refer Pages 122,123 in your course book).



Better facilities

Very noisy and crowded

More friends

Too much traffic

More modern

Too much pollution

Better opportunities for jobs

Very expensive


End of Assessment

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