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ABS 300 Ashford University Methods of Telehealth Service Delivery Discussion

ABS 300 Ashford University Methods of Telehealth Service Delivery Discussion

Question Description


TURNITIN SCORE MUST BE AT OR BELOW 20%…as I will be checking

Use APA FORMATING with QUOTATION MARKS and Remembering to cite your sources please.

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, view the video Betting on the Future, (Links to an external site.) read the required articles by Luxton, Pruitt & Osenbach (2014) and Novotney (Links to an external site.) (2011), and review the required websites. In addition, research a minimum of one peer-reviewed article from the Ashford University Library which reports research findings on the reliability or validity of mental health testing via telehealth. Do note that it is customary to include any of the following remote methods under the framework of “telehealth”: telephone, video conferencing, interactive websites, email, or online chat. For this discussion, you will take on the role of a mental health professional in private practice who is considering providing telehealth assessment services. You are researching the types of services you could provide in order to present your ideas to one of the world’s leading healthcare investors introduced in this week’s assigned video. In your initial post, begin with a paragraph briefly summarizing the types of mental health assessments which can be provided over the phone or through other remote methods such as video conferencing, interactive websites, email, or online chat. Analyze your peer-reviewed journal research article(s) and explain the types of testing and assessments that are best suited for telehealth delivery. Evaluate the ethical issues involved in providing psychological assessment and testing services via telehealth methods. Research typical costs for comparable in-person psychological assessment and testing services and report your findings to the class. Identify a menu of psychological assessment services you would like to offer and explain how your model would deliver cost-effective and competent assessment services in comparison to in-person assessment services. Distinguish any specific types of psychological testing that should not be administered remotely and explain your rationale.

PEER EXAMPLE POST…Please do NOT copy Peer responses below…this is just to give you an understanding of what to do.

It seems that telehealth practices have become more and more utilized over the last few years, not to mention an increase over the last 5 months due to COVID19 restrictions. With telehealth one can simply connect via the internet to offer video counseling right from their office or home to any place in the world. For example one can offer counseling to someone overseas and the next minute, do the same for someone stateside. Many articles found in the Ashford library also state the telehealth offers a potential cost and time effective solution (Hodge & Others, 2019, p.431). According to khn.org in 2017 telehealth practices were shown to reduce the cost of care/treatment by nearly 50% , as many in person visits cost approx $146, telehealth visits cost approx $79. Many of the most talked about methods of telehealth include; video conferencing, online chat or telephone.

Mobile technology that may offer remote options for assessment administration, may include assessment such as Ecological momentary assessment (EMA), Patient Health Questionnaires (PHQ-9 and PHQ-2) or cognitive functioning tests (Arean, Hoa Ly & Andersson, 2016) . The EMA is used to capture a client’s emotions, functions and activity. Pearson Clinical gives more detailed information regarding the assessments that may be given via telehealth practice as well as material for purchase. Over time these types of tests have found to be just as reliable as those given the traditional way of pencil and paper. Speaking of reliability and validity; one of the most obvious noted differences involves the delivery of the information, if a client is in a room with a clinician it may influence how information is assessed. For example, nonverbal information can be very useful for many reasons to include emotional state and risk behaviors. It is also important to note the differences as there are some assessments not available for telehealth practices as they involve hands on interaction, such as the WAIS-IV.

As there are ethical principles one must follow for in person care/treatment specified in the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct, there are also guidelines for telehealth practices. For example, it would be inappropriate practice to select, develop, or modify assessment instruments or alter procedures for remote
administration without evidence of sufficient scientific validation or the appropriate disclosure of limitations (Luxton, Pruitt & Osenbach, 2014, p.30) . It is also a requirement that both physical and electronic safeguards should be used to assure confidentiality during remote psychological assessments. END OF EXAMPLE RESPONSE POST

Resources Below:

Luxton, D. D., Pruitt, L. D., & Osenbach, J. E. (2014). Best practices for remote psychological assessment via telehealth technologies. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 45(1), 27-35. Retrieved from http://www.apa.org/pubs/journals/pro/

Forbes Summit Group [Producer] (2014). Betting on the future (Links to an external site.) [Video file]. Retrieved from

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